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Hello, we at I&E are glad you took a moment to stop on by. You may be among the many that realize there is a problem with the status quo financial advice we have been given.

The Problem: A volatile stock market and potential losses, an unknown future due to lack of specific planning, the high likelihood of potential future tax increases, and the fear of not having enough money for retirement.

The good news is there is a solution, one that allows you to separate from Wall Street, plan your future on your terms, protect your assets from future tax increases, and provide ample resources for retirement through the implementation of infinite banking.
As you will see below, we offer many different resources covering all things infinite banking. And we are sure that after you have taken a little while to look around you will see that we are experts at helping our clients get the best dividend paying whole life insurance, as well as formulating a plan on how to implement the infinite banking strategy.
Below you will find some of our webinars, complimentary e-book and many other articles all pertaining to infinite banking.

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Infinite Banking Articles

Using Life Insurance as Your Own Bank [7 Steps]
In our continuing series on the infinite banking concept® we wanted to lay out a framework of how banking with life insurance actually works. If you are already convinced that using life insurance as your own personal bank is the way to go, then why not give us a call today for a complimentary strategy session.
Infinite Banking Concept® [Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions for Infinite Banking]
infinite banking frequently asked questionsVector infinity icon isolated on white background, illustration of an eternity symbol placed in a circle.[/caption]The following article covers the top 10 most frequently asked questions we get about the infinite banking concept in the context of a properly structured dividend paying whole life insurance policy.
Infinite Banking Wiki [Your Comprehensive Guide To IBC]
infinite banking reviewsIn this article, we have attempted to create a wiki for Infinite Banking to help categorize and educate our visitors on the various aspects of this important concept. There are many links in this article that will take you to various other topics pertaining to infinite banking, so please click on any that look interesting.
Top 10 Pros and Cons of the Infinite Banking Concept 2023 Edition [How to Become Your Own Banker with Life Insurance]
Infinite Banking Concept Pros and ConsIn the following article we will cover the pros and cons of the infinite banking concept®. While there are many pros to infinite banking, there are some cons that also need should be considered. And while we are advocates of this concept, it is not for everyone or every situation.
How to Triple Your Real Estate Returns with Infinite Banking
real estate infinite bankingThe following video is a webinar offered by us here at I&E on how to triple your real estate returns with infinite banking. For your convenience, we have also provided the full transcript below. After watching the video and/or reading the transcript, we invite you to schedule a call with Barry.
Top 10 Best Infinite Banking Companies [High Cash Value Whole Life Insurance]
Top 10 Best Infinite Banking CompaniesHere at I&E, we’ll often get calls from folks who are already committed to the idea of implementing the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC) in their life, but they’re just not sure how to go about getting it done.
Buy Term and Invest the Difference [Your Comprehensive Guide to BTID]
should you buy term or whole life insuranceWhat is Buy Term and Invest the Difference, AKA BTID? Simply put, it is choosing to buy an initially cheaper term insurance policy vs whole life, since the latter requires more capital investment by you.
Life Insurance Creditor Protection By State [Is Your Cash Value and Death Benefit Covered?]
life insurance protected from creditorsCash Value Life Insurance Creditor Protection and Bankruptcy Protection By State. Whole life policies offer numerous benefits beyond just providing liquidity in the event of an untimely death.
The Best Compound Interest Account for Maximum Growth and Control
In the following article on compound interest growth and the different compound interest accounts available we are going to take a different approach than you will find anywhere else.

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