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Business Planning and Succession Resources

Welcome to our business continuity and succession planning page. From here you will be able to navigate to many of our excellent articles pertaining to all things business planning and life insurance. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on the content provided.

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Business Planning and Succession Articles

Business Continuity Succession Planning
business planning using life insuranceAt, we define business planning as the part of the estate planning process that is focused on the ongoing operation and prosperity of a business or company. This can be a small family business or a larger more established company because the issues faced by a business don’t change much regardless of the size of the company.
Business Owner Life Insurance [How You Can Protect Your Most Valuable Asset]
life insurance for business ownersLife insurance is an important financial asset for many, or even most, people. For business owners, though, the need is particularly acute. When you own a business, you don’t just have to worry about protecting your family’s financial well-being in the event of your untimely death (though, of course, that is still very important).
Family Business Succession Planning [Top Pitfalls and Best Techniques]
Family Business Succession Planning Is Extremely Important. Without It, A Small Business May Be Thrown Into Chaos Or Forced To Shut Down If A Key Person Dies Or Becomes Disabled. Family Business succession planning asks the simple question of how the business will continue to operate if the key person (generally dad or mom) is unable to continue operating the company or otherwise serving in a leadership role.
Key Person Insurance [Why the Right Policy Matters]
key person life insuranceIn a recent article on, Richard Branson shares how his philosophy that making employees a top priority can bring benefits to both customers and investors. Simply put, taking care of key employees is taking care of your business.
Buy Sell Agreement for Business Continuity Planning [10 Essential Insights]
Congratulations, after years of hard work, you’ve created a successful business. Achieving consistent business revenue and accruing business assets often means that you’ve created an entity that is worthy of serious planning and protection.
Deferred Compensation Plan [Issues for Private and Family Businesses]
A deferred compensation plan is a type of “golden handcuffs” designed for use in a proper business continuity and succession planning which provide incentives for a valuable employee to remain loyal to a company while also managing the company’s risk of losing a key asset of the business.
The Best Premium Financing Life Insurance [Top Benefits to Maximizing Your Cash Flow and Retained Capital]
Like most financial topics, premium financing life insurance lends itself to a variety of opinions, perhaps resulting from salesmanship or misinformation. After all, huge life insurance deals may depend upon whether folks think this is a good or terrible idea.
Split Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements For Small Businesses and Key Employees
Split dollar life insurance DEFINITION: a plan that allocates the costs and benefits of a life insurance policy in a specific manner by contract in order to maximize tax advantages for the employer AND employee.
Best Life Insurance for an Executive Bonus Plan [5 Amazing Benefits]
What is an Executive Bonus Plan, also known as an IRS Section 162 Plan? A section 162 executive bonus plan provides a way to give executives within a businesses or corporation additional benefits, typically funded with life insurance, as a way to further incentivize specific executives individually chosen by the company.
Asset Protection for Business Owners [Top Insights for 2020]
Asset protection is NOT just for business owners. It reaches into all aspects of wealth preservation and estate planning. However, you might say that business owners are on the front lines of this battle because the act of offering services to the general public can be a risky proposition.
Life Insurance Requirements and Options for SBA Loans
Life Insurance Requirements and Options for SBA LoansPart of our core mission at is to support and empower entrepreneurs and visionaries who seek to turn dreams into reality. If you’re an entrepreneur and are considering or have already started down the path of pursuing an SBA loan, it may benefit you to learn the life insurance requirements of SBA. If your dream includes starting a business, you may have considered funding your startup with an SBA loan. An SBA loan can be a powerful way to obtain the needed funding to start your dream venture; however, life insurance may be one of the requirements for making this happen.

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