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life insurance for family

When you have a family, you have people you can rely on and who rely on you.  It’s a beautiful reciprocal relationship, but it comes with some obligations – notably including the responsibility to support your family financially. Supporting your family financially means making sure there’s food on the table and the bills get paid, […] Read More

cashing out whole life insurance

As the saying goes… “the only thing that is truly permanent is CHANGE” Which is why we here at I&E understand what there are a lot of reasons that an individual may want to consider “canceling” or “cashing out” his or her whole life insurance policy. “But is that always a good idea?” And if […] Read More

Review of Penn Mutual Life Insurance

Penn Mutual is an excellent company and makes up the elite class of the best life insurance companies for wealth building and legacy creating. In the following Penn Mutual review we will discuss the company’s history, ratings, products and benefits. Is Penn Mutual the right company for you? Let’s take a look. Review of Penn Mutual […] Read More

Lifetime Annuity

In a perfect world, everyone would be blessed with a long, healthy, comfortable retirement.  In the real world, though, we know that a well-funded, pleasant retirement requires careful planning.  And one of the biggest challenges in developing a solid retirement strategy is dealing with uncertainty. After all… You can’t be sure what will happen with […] Read More

life insurance companies list

When it comes to buying insurance, it is good to have options. And knowing who the best life insurance companies are provides you with the insight you need to try and get the best rates. Some things you need to be aware of when considering the different life insurance companies. Financial Strength Policies Offered Underwriting […] Read More

Variable Universal Life

With so many different types of life insurance products that are out there, it’s easy to understand why some folks often become frustrated while shopping for life insurance or simply decide to buy a Term Life Insurance policy because it “seemed” like the right “kind” of life insurance to get. And while… Purchasing a Term […] Read More

Why You Should Choose Whole Life Insurance vs Term

One of the first things most folks try to decide when purchasing a life insurance policy is… “What kind of life insurance is the best?” Which is a great question to ask, but the problem is, it’s really going to depend on “what” you would like to have your life insurance policy “do” for you […] Read More

symetra life insurance company Review

Here at I&E, we believe that Symetra has a very competitive IUL Insurance Policy that must be considered when looking into purchasing a permanent life insurance policy designed for cash value accumulation. In the following Symetra Life Insurance Company review we will address the company’s history, financial strength and product offering in our quest to […] Read More

Trustee of a Trust

What Is the Trustee of a Trust?  What Are His Or Her Duties?  Who Should I Consider When Deciding Who Will Serve as the Trustee of My Trust?  What Is a Trustee and a Successor Trustee? A trust is basically a way to organize and direct your estate plan and a trust may be created as […] Read More

Midland National Life Insurance Company Review

With a quick look at Midland National’s website, it’s easy to see the many financial products they provide. As well as life insurance, they offer annuities, financial planning advice, and numerous retirement tools. However, are the products worthwhile and, on a grander scale, is the company worthwhile? In this review, we’re going to answer these […] Read More