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The Tax Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance

Many people think about life insurance as strictly a death benefit. A few more savvy individuals know that this death benefit is NOT taxable to the beneficiaries. However, only the truly astute understand the tax advantages that permanent life insurance offers (as opposed to term life) not only to beneficiaries but to policy owners, providing […] Read More

There are people in America today that lend money out at over 10% interest, while paying 5% interest on the loaned money, AND ALSO receive 6% interest on the loaned money. In total, the individual is earning 11% interest on the money loaned out. How is it possible? If you want to know how to […] Read More

Tips for Using a 1035 Exchange

Unless you peruse the IRS tax code regularly, you may not be familiar with the code sections 1035 or 1031. However, in the world of wealth building and asset protection, these little combinations of numbers get a lot of attention for good reason. Simply put, these IRS code sections allow for the transfer of asset […] Read More

Second to Die Life Insurance

A simple google search reveals reams of digital content about what is known as “second to die” or “survivorship“ life insurance. Articles usually strive to define this type of life insurance in some way, and yet this can be accomplished in one sentence. Simply put, second to die or survivorship life insurance differs from all […] Read More

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Among the various types of permanent life insurance, the type that is most like a term life (temporary) policy is known as “guaranteed universal life insurance” or “GUL”. This type of universal life insurance focuses LESS than other types of permanent life insurance on cash value accumulation and MORE on securing a permanent death benefit. Whereas a term life […] Read More

Life Insurance Requirements and Options for SBA Loans

If you’re an entrepreneur and are considering or have already started down the path of pursuing an SBA loan, it may benefit you to learn the life insurance requirements of SBA. Part of our core mission at insuranceandestates.com is to support and empower entrepreneurs and visionaries who seek to turn dreams into reality. If your dream includes starting […] Read More

infinite banking concept

Infinite Banking has been happening for more than a century, but the term itself was popularized by Nelson Nash in his influential book “Becoming Your Own Banker.” The short book (around 90 pages) was published in 2000 after Nelson Nash had been practicing the process for around 20 years. In this article, we have attempted […] Read More

Abundance Mindset vs scarcity mindset

The Benefits of a LIRP A LIRP is a powerful financial tool used by millions of Americans to secure and protect their way of living throughout their lifetime and beyond. In the highly competitive financial services sector you will hear advice for 100 different products and strategies, but rarely will you come across something as […] Read More

What is a Qualified Retirement Plan? Technically speaking, a Qualified Retirement Plan is any plan that satisfies the requirements laid out in section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). A qualified plan is typically referred to as a “tax-deferred” plan, in that it allows the participant to contribute to the plan with pre-tax dollars. […] Read More

1035 Exchange of Life Insurance

The Typical Debate between Whole Life and 529 Plan Proponents If you search the Internet for a comparison between a 529 plan and Whole Life insurance, you’ll find polarizing viewpoints. Half of the resources love Whole Life as a vehicle to save for college, and provide compelling arguments. And the other half of the resources […] Read More