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Infinite Banking Concept

Welcome to a deep dive into the pros and cons of the infinite banking concept®. While there are many pros to infinite banking, there are some cons that you should consider. And while we are advocates of this concept, it is not for everyone or every situation. At Insurance and Estates we love infinite banking. […] Read more

Life Insurance Statistics Coverage trends that could provide you with even more protection! Around half of American families would have a difficult time financially if the primary wage earner were to die. Replacing the primary income in a household is just one of the many ways that life insurance can provide a financial safety net […] Read more

If you’re looking for ways to maximize your available cash, while at the same time reducing – or even eliminating – the amount of tax that you’ll have to pay in order to access it, a life insurance policy could provide you with a solution. While many people think of life insurance coverage only for […] Read more

ira vs life insurance

Most people do not enjoy paying taxes. This is true both before and during retirement. But what many investors do not realize is that funds in traditional IRAs that grow on a tax deferred basis right now will eventually be taxed – and if future income tax rates are higher than they are today (as […] Read more

The following transcript is from our video “Using a Fixed Annuity to Fund an Infinite Banking Policy [4 Benefits].” You can watch the video and follow along with the transcript below. Steve Gibbs: Hey guys. Thanks for checking out this video. So today is going to be a great, well short, webinar demonstration from one […] Read more

advantages of annuities

Regardless of how much money you have saved, the key to a successful and rewarding retirement is income – particularly incoming cash flow that arrives on a regular basis for the remainder of your lifetime, no matter how long that may be. That is because when you have this system in place, you can worry […] Read more

life insurance ira conversion

The following article covers all things related to life insurance proceeds. The following topics will be covered. What Happens to Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds? Where Do Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds Go? How to Learn About and Access Unclaimed Life Insurance Funds The Model Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act The Best Life Insurance for Long-Term Needs […] Read more

1035 Exchange Pros and Cons

Understanding 1035 Exchanges: How to “trade in” your life insurance, long-term care coverage, or annuity for a plan that better suits your needs Life insurance, long-term care coverage, and annuities can play a key role in your short- and long-term planning. These financial vehicles can help you to ensure that you and your loved ones […] Read more

term vs permanent life insurance

There are many reasons why life insurance can be an essential component of a financial or retirement plan. Some people purchase it for the death benefit it provides, and others rely on the tax deferred cash value build-up to supplement their savings. Not all life insurance policies are exactly the same, though. So, it is […] Read more

how soon can you borrow from your life insurance policy?

While many people purchase a life insurance policy for the income tax free death benefit that it can provide to their survivors, there are numerous other ways that this flexible financial vehicle may be used in a financial or retirement plan – even when the insured is alive. One of these is the ability to […] Read more