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Book ReviewsHow Much Money do I Need to Retire? Book Review

When it comes to thinking about retirement planning, infinite banking, long term care, asset building, and protecting your family, there are a lot of good books available. Men and women with decades of experience have created informative and insightful books that help the reader navigate their financial future.

We love reading books, and when we read a good book on the topics we love, we post a review here. We do this because we want to direct our visitors to the books that we think have something important to say, and as such can be helpful toward the goal of securing a sustainable future.

Another reason we have created a book review section on our site is because we want our prospective clients to understand some of what goes into shaping our philosophy of money. You can tell a lot about a person by the books he or she reads.

We hope the following list of book reviews will demonstrate that we have the highest commitment to understanding not only insurance and estates, and how the two are juxtaposed in a dynamic relationship that fosters whole life stewardship. But it also demonstrates our desire to forever be learning and exploring new thoughts and ideas, in order to be Wealth Builders and Legacy Creators.

Here is a list of our current book reviews:

So what about you? Have you read any books in the financial realm that changed your thinking or helped you see things from a different perspective? Please take a moment and let us know; we would love to hear your recommendations.

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