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What Would Billionaires Do? Book Review

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The following book review is based upon ideas from the book by Garret Gunderson, What Would Billionaires Do? In today’s fast-paced financial world, understanding the wealth management secrets of billionaires is not just intriguing but essential for savvy financial planning. What Would Billionaires Do? provides an in-depth exploration of strategies used by the wealthiest individuals to preserve and grow their fortunes.

What Would Billionaires Do? Key Highlights

  1. Cash Flow Insurance as a Core Strategy: Unlike traditional insurance or investment plans, Cash Flow Insurance focuses on creating a sustainable, growing income stream, aligning with strategies used by families like the Rockefellers to preserve wealth across generations.
  2. Historical Contrast of Wealth Management: The contrasting financial legacies of the Vanderbilt and Rockefeller families illustrate the importance of prudent wealth management. While the Vanderbilts squandered their fortune, the Rockefellers used strategic planning and trusts to protect and grow their wealth.
  3. Uninterrupted Compounding: The concept of allowing interest to reinvest over time without withdrawals is central to the wealth-building strategies of billionaires. This principle is key in the Cash Flow Insurance approach.
  4. Buying Your Net Worth: Utilizing Whole Life insurance policies to enhance financial standing is discussed. This involves leveraging the policy’s cash value for major expenses or investments, allowing for wealth maintenance and growth.
  5. Leveraging Loans Over Liquidation: Billionaires often finance big purchases through loans rather than asset liquidation, keeping their investment funds intact and compounding, and borrowing against Cash Flow Insurance policies to maintain uninterrupted interest growth.
  6. Estate Planning and Legacy Building: Emphasizing not just wealth accumulation but its preservation and transfer across generations, billionaires employ meticulous estate planning and trusts to embed values and philosophies into their financial legacy.
  7. Dismantling Traditional Financial Myths: The article challenges conventional financial strategies, advocating for methods that focus on continuous cash flow and dynamic utilization of financial resources.
  8. Financial Education and Stewardship: Stressing the importance of personal financial literacy and strategic management, the article highlights how billionaires prioritize understanding and controlling their financial affairs.
  9. Wealth Capture Account Concept: Setting up a dedicated account for managing and accumulating wealth, separate from everyday transactional accounts, facilitates better financial discipline and long-term investment planning.

How to “Become Your Own Banker” with Whole Life

Embracing the Cash Flow Insurance Approach

The concept of Cash Flow Insurance emerges as a cornerstone strategy among billionaires. Unlike traditional insurance or investment plans, Cash Flow Insurance focuses on creating a sustainable and growing income stream, ensuring that assets compound over time without interruption. This method aligns with the practices of influential families like the Rockefellers, who have successfully preserved wealth across generations.

What Would Billionaires Do? discusses the concept of creating and maintaining wealth across generations, using the contrasting examples of the Vanderbilt and Rockefeller families. The Vanderbilt family, despite immense wealth accumulated by Cornelius Vanderbilt in transportation and railroads, saw their fortune squandered by subsequent generations due to extravagant spending and lack of financial foresight.

In contrast, the Rockefeller family, led by John D. Rockefeller who amassed his wealth in the oil industry, successfully preserved and grew their wealth over generations. This was achieved through careful estate planning and the establishment of trusts that protected the family wealth from taxes, lawsuits, and irresponsible spending by future heirs.

What Would Billionaires Do? emphasizes the importance of not just accumulating wealth but also managing it wisely to benefit future generations. It suggests that leaving a legacy involves more than just passing down wealth; it requires a structured approach to ensure that the wealth is protected, grows, and is used in a way that aligns with the family’s values and goals.

The book highlights that the Rockefeller method of wealth management and preservation, involving trusts and strategic financial planning, can be emulated by individuals to create lasting legacies for their own families. This approach challenges the more traditional methods of wealth management and is proposed as a more effective way to ensure that wealth benefits multiple generations.

Understanding the Power of Uninterrupted Compounding

Compounding interest is a familiar concept, but billionaires take it a step further by ensuring it remains uninterrupted. The principle is simple: Reinvesting interest over a long period, without withdrawals, can exponentially increase wealth. This approach, central to Cash Flow Insurance, is vital in understanding how billionaires effectively build their fortunes.

What Would Billionaires Do? focuses on the concept of “Buying Your Net Worth” This approach can be beneficial for wealth preservation and growth. This strategy involves the utilization of Whole Life insurance policies and leveraging their cash value to enhance one’s financial standing.

The key idea here is to use Whole Life insurance policies to essentially ‘purchase’ one’s net worth. This means using the policy’s cash value to fund significant expenses or investments, thereby allowing the policyholder to maintain and even grow their wealth. For example, a person with a net worth of $4,000,000 can obtain a Whole Life policy with a similar death benefit. This approach provides a safety net, ensuring that the person’s heirs will receive a substantial amount regardless of how the policyholder chooses to spend their other assets.

This strategy is particularly beneficial in retirement planning. It allows retirees to use both the interest and principal of their savings without the fear of depleting their estate, knowing that their Whole Life policy will provide a substantial death benefit to their heirs. This approach can significantly increase annual retirement income compared to traditional methods.

What Would Billionaires Do? also highlights how the Rockefeller family successfully utilized this strategy to perpetuate wealth across generations. Despite substantial estate taxes, the Rockefellers were able to preserve their wealth within the family trust by leveraging the benefits of Cash Flow Insurance.

Smart Purchasing: Leveraging Loans over Liquidation

A striking tactic revealed in the What Would Billionaires Do? is the preference for financing big purchases through loans, rather than liquidating assets. This approach allows the wealthy to keep their investment funds intact and compounding, illustrating a nuanced understanding of opportunity cost and asset management.

Garret emphasizes that using Cash Flow Insurance to finance major purchases can be more advantageous. When you take out a loan against the cash value of your Cash Flow Insurance policy, you do not withdraw money from the policy itself; rather, you borrow against it. This method allows the cash within your policy to continue compounding interest uninterrupted, which can lead to significant financial growth over time.

The idea is that by borrowing against your policy, you can continue to allow your money to grow through the power of uninterrupted compounding, while still being able to make significant purchases. This strategy not only maintains the compounding process but also creates a positive cash flow that can increase wealth. The PDF uses the example of buying a car to illustrate these points, comparing buying with credit, buying with cash, and buying by borrowing against a Cash Flow Insurance policy. It concludes that using the Cash Flow Insurance policy for such purchases can lead to better financial outcomes over time.

Estate Planning and Legacy Building

What Would Billionaires Do? emphasizes not just wealth accumulation, but also its preservation and transfer across generations. Through meticulous estate planning and the establishment of trusts, billionaires ensure their wealth serves beyond their lifetime, embedding values and philosophies into their financial legacy.

The book further emphasizes the concept of leveraging Whole Life insurance policies in financial planning, particularly for retirement. This section highlights how Whole Life insurance can be more effective than traditional retirement strategies like relying solely on savings or investments.

What Would Billionaires Do? compares traditional retirement planning, which often involves saving a large sum of money to live on the interest alone, with a strategy that includes using Whole Life insurance. In the traditional approach, people are advised to accumulate a significant amount of money (e.g., $4,000,000) and live off the interest, which can be limited due to taxes and low interest rates. This approach often leads to a conservative lifestyle in retirement to avoid depleting the principal amount.

In contrast, Garret suggests a different approach using Whole Life insurance. By having a Whole Life policy with a significant death benefit (e.g., also $4,000,000), individuals can have more freedom in spending their retirement savings. This is because the death benefit of the policy acts as a safety net, ensuring that heirs will receive a substantial amount irrespective of how much of the retirement savings are spent.

What Would Billionaires Do? argues that this strategy allows retirees to enjoy a more fulfilling life, utilizing both the interest and principal of their savings without the fear of depleting their estate. This approach is shown to potentially increase the annual retirement income significantly compared to the traditional method, even with lower interest rates.

The underlying principle here is that the combination of Whole Life insurance and strategic spending in retirement can create a more prosperous and secure financial situation for retirees and their beneficiaries. This method challenges conventional retirement planning by integrating life insurance as a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan.

Dismantling Traditional Financial Myths

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to debunking common financial myths. For instance, the idea that accumulating a large sum to live off its interest is challenged. Instead, strategies that focus on maintaining and utilizing the entire corpus of wealth are suggested, providing a more holistic approach to wealth management.

The book critiques the typical financial planning emphasis on accumulation and saving for the future, arguing that this approach can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. It proposes an alternative strategy that focuses on creating continuous cash flow and utilizing financial resources in a more dynamic and proactive manner.

Prioritizing Financial Education and Stewardship

Lastly, the importance of financial literacy and stewardship is underscored. Billionaires often seek to understand and control their financial affairs personally, highlighting the importance of knowledge and strategic thinking in wealth management.

What Would Billionaires Do? emphasizes the importance of setting up a “Wealth Capture Account.” This type of account is designed to help separate spending money from investing money. The core idea behind this strategy is to have a dedicated account for managing and accumulating wealth, distinct from regular transactional accounts used for daily expenses. This approach facilitates better financial discipline and planning, as it clearly demarcates funds intended for long-term investment from those available for immediate use​​.

Conclusion: Your Path to Financial Wisdom

“What Would Billionaires Do?” offers more than just financial strategies; it provides a mindset shift about wealth. By understanding and applying these billionaire-tested approaches, individuals can navigate their financial journey with greater wisdom and confidence.

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