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Thank you for checking out our estate planning strategies resource page. Below you will find some great content, including a webinar, e-book and articles all pertaining to wills, trusts and estate planning.

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Estate Planning Articles

Estate Planning Life Insurance Strategies
Life Insurance for Estate PlanningWhen most people think about estate planning, they think about setting up legal documents like wills, trusts and durable powers of attorney. However, there is another important part of the estate planning process that concerns the role of life insurance for estate planning which uses the right life insurance policy to accomplish specific goals of a comprehensive estate plan.
Estate Planning – Top 9 Considerations For Your Estate Plan
estate planning protectionWe’ve all heard the expression, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” and naturally this applies to your estate planning. But what is estate planning and what does it mean to have an estate plan?
Revocable vs Irrevocable Trusts [Top Pros and Cons]
Revocable vs. Irrevocable TrustsTo begin to understand revocable vs. irrevocable trusts you first need to know first what a trust is AND how it works. This article will review some trust basics and then will dive into the pros and cons of revocable vs. irrevocable trusts for you or your favorite clients.
ILIT – Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts Top 10 Pros & Cons
ILIT Estate planningAn irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) is a trust established to own a life insurance policy on the life of the insured. Normally, the trust is also beneficiary of the policy. Properly drawn, these irrevocable trusts provide several benefits.
Filial Responsibility [Why You Could Be Held Responsible for Your Parent’s Medical Bills]
filial responsibility statesIf your parents are still living, this article should serve as a wake up call when it comes to your parent’s financial plans and your personal financial responsibility for your parents. Whether this does or does not concern you, it may have a major impact on someone you care about.
Types of Trusts [Top 15 Best Kinds To Know]
different types of trustsOne of our primary focuses at I&E is wealth building. But what is the point of building wealth if you do not take the necessary steps to protect your wealth. One such way is by proper estate planning, such as the use of one of the trusts mentioned below.
Living Trusts and Life Insurance [Why They Are a Winning Combination]
Living Trusts and Life Insurance Sales manager giving advice application form document, considering mortgage loan offer for car and house insurance[/caption]It has been our experience here at I&E that most folks are aware that Living Trusts are a powerful estate planning tool. But the problem is that for most, this may be as far as they’ve gotten towards actually moving forward and beginning the process of creating one.
Top Advantages of a Living Trust vs a Will
wills and trustsWhich of the two most common estate plans is best for you, a revocable living trust or a will? In the following article covering Wills vs Revocable Living Trusts, we will show how each plan is alike, and then provide examples of the differences between the two different estate planning vehicles.
Family Trust [What Is It and Do I Need One?]
what is a family trustThe term “family trust” doesn’t refer to any single, specific type of trust, so it can’t be precisely defined in a technical or legal sense. Instead, “family trust” essentially means a trust in which the beneficiary is a member of the grantor’s family.
Life Insurance Creditor Protection By State [Is Your Cash Value and Death Benefit Covered?]
Cash Value Life Insurance Creditor Protection and Bankruptcy Protection By State Whole life policies offer numerous benefits beyond just providing liquidity in the event of an untimely death.
Survivorship Life Insurance Policies [Our Top 9 Pros and Cons of Second to Die Life Insurance]
survivorship life insuranceWhat is Survivorship Life Insurance? Survivorship life insurance DEFINITION: also known as a Second to Die policy, survivorship life insurance a joint permanent life insurance policy that pays out upon the death of all insured parties

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