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We are here to educate, coach and partner with you, to equip you with properly designed Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life strategies that accomplish your specific defined goals such as debt repayment, wealth building, tax and retirement planning, and legacy creation.

Most people think about life insurance solely as “death insurance”.  If this is your belief, we’ve been where you are and we understand.

As experienced estate planning attorneys (turned life insurance advocates) who have helped thousands of people manage wealth and assets of all kinds, we started I&E in order to correct this limited understanding and offer people new hope through powerful alternatives and strategies that we learned about during our professional careers.

Having viewed the impact of permanent cash value life insurance contracts on many families firsthand, our mission is to help as many people as possible realize that you don’t have to rely solely on “conventional” financial advice to fund your kids’ college, plan for retirement, build wealth, or leave a legacy.  In fact, we believe and have observed that conventional “wisdom” is driven largely by a battle for your dollars and is seriously flawed in many ways.  This phenomenon over the battle for dollars also leads to a ton of misinformation about the value of permanent life insurance that we are striving to correct.

The simple fact is that permanent life insurance contracts and other contracts such as annuities are powerful top tier assets that serve as wealth protection and wealth building vehicles.  These assets offer numerous financial benefits such as tax savings, liquidity, and leverage, which are regularly used by wealthy individuals, U.S. banks and corporations.  However, these assets and strategies are not just for the wealthy and using them correctly, with expert guidance, can give you the peace of mind that comes with predictable wealth building, even in the face of volatile financial markets.

✅If you’re here, we commend you because you are likely looking for a way to protect your loved ones and leave a legacy.  There is also a good chance that you may be fed up with conventional financial advice and are looking for other alternatives rather than the gambling wheel of Wall Street.

✅If you’re wondering how to get ahead of your debt or even capture your debt by becoming your own banker, you’re in the right place.

✅If you’re striving to build wealth and are tired of sleepless nights wondering if the markets will be up or down tomorrow, you’re in the right place.

✅If you’re tired of looking at your future retirement or kids’ college funding as a huge question mark, you’re in the right place.

✅If you’ve done a bit of research and see the pitfalls of qualified accounts due to a future tax bomb, you’re in the right place.

✅If you’re a business owner or investor and looking for a safety net, you’re in the right place.

✅If you’re wondering about navigating aging and potential healthcare costs and even future life insurance costs, you’re in the right place.

✅If you are interested in contractually guaranteed compound interest wealth building and leaving a legacy for you’re future generations, you’re in the right place.

A little more background as you’re getting started …

I&E is set up as an online platform and strategic life insurance provider offering a full spectrum of life insurance products accommodating cutting edge solutions and extending to the most advanced life insurance strategies.

Although our primary focus is strategic permanent life insurance solutions, our range of products and services includes everything from Convertible Term Life Insurance, Cash Value Life Insurance (Universal Life, Whole Life, Indexed Universal Life, Variable Life Insurance), Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities and Disability Insurance, so we can serve you in whatever capacity is needed, whether you’re a mother or father, a business owner and investor, or retiree.

We work with the top life insurance companies, as well as other professional partners in various areas of specialty and we are committed to vetting companies regularly in order to match you with the company and product that best facilitates your goals.

Finding Your Pro Client Guide

We’ve carefully assembled a team of Pro Client Guides, who are not your average insurance agents.

These are professionals with decades of experience who began with the conventional route and have personally navigated the frustrations discussed above.  Our Pro Client guides have partnered with thousands of people just like you and are committed when you’re ready, to helping you discover what matters most to you and where your biggest frustrations are.

Your journey with the help of this expert guidance will give you rare strategic knowledge, generally reserved for the wealthy, of how properly designed permanent life insurance and other related contractual wealth building tools, can be used to finally bring peace and certainty to your financial and wealth building plan.  If a death benefit, long term care or disability insurance is your only concern then your Guide can assist with these needs as well.

Working with a Pro Client Guide allows you to gain an understanding of all types of life insurance from the convenience of your own home, without sacrificing “quality”  or “expertise”.  When you connect with a Pro Client guide, you’ll be walked through a simple process designed to accomplish the following:

  1. Map out your situation including financial status, concerns and goals and offer proposed solutions.
  2. Assist you in selecting best strategy, policy design and company intended to meet your goals and concerns.
  3. Facilitate your application and approval process, upon the completion of which you can make a final decision to implement.
  4. Maintain connection with you through policy maintenance and coaching, helping you with any questions that arise on how to properly execute your strategy.

If you’re just starting this process, we’ve put together an arsenal of resources to assist you in your education process and invite you to our website resources tab which offers hundreds of topical articles, webinars, videos and other resources.

If you have moved past this point and are ready to take a next step, just schedule a meeting with the Pro Client Guide of your choice or if you’re not sure who to choose, just connect with us via phone or email and we will assign the right Guide to connect with you. Even if you schedule with a Pro Client Guide and there is a better fit, he or she will likely help you move to the right person, so there is absolutely no risk in taking a step forward.  Our Pro Client guides operate 100% virtual via zoom and/or phone follow so you can do this all from the comfort of your home.

If you’re still not sure, remember that seeking knowledge of alternatives to the conventional rat race can only work in your favor.  A lack of decision today may result in many more years of financial strain, sleepless nights and the frustration that we all know comes from the inherent volatility of the financial markets.

Moreover, the stress created by a lack of financial clarity is real and felt by loved ones.  Ask yourself if there is a peaceful spouse, partner or parent waiting to be realized by just adopting a different view and approach to your financial situation and well-being.

So, what are you waiting for?  Take your next step by connecting today!

Some of the top life insurance companies we work with:

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