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About I&EInsuranceandestates.com is the platform of Insurance and Estate Strategies LLC, (aptly named I&E) a partnership committed to helping people take back control of their financial resources by defying conventional financial thinking and creating freedom through various tools and strategies.

Our hope is that this process, which we’ve called the I&E Journey, will provide you the opportunity to discover your life purpose, as a foundation to truly build wealth and leave a legacy.

I&E Journey

Step 1 is to assist you in regaining control of your financial resources by defying conventional “wisdom” so often touted by Wall Street. This is part of a core philosophy at I&E that suggests that the major banking institutions and financial firms have indoctrinated the masses with financial ideas that benefit themselves at the expense of the “investor” (and we use this term loosely).

These institutions have convinced many that to give up control and assume almost all the risk is the pathway to financial independence and success.

We suggest that this assertion is illogical, dangerous and destructive to many lives. So, step 1 will introduce a new way of thinking about money, wealth and prosperity and this will enable you to regain control of your financial resources.

Step 2 is to guide you on a path to creating lasting life value, both by leveraging reliable wealth building products and focusing on your life purpose. We believe that only by realizing your life purpose and pursuing it actively (intentionally) can you build lasting value that leads to wealth.

Step 3 is to expand your life value, by partnering with you to discover new ways to live your life purpose and preserve it for future generations, thereby creating a legacy of freedom and purpose that will be realized by generations to come.

I&E experts provide a depth of expertise in all aspects of estate planning including trusts and estates, estate tax, elder planning, business formation, business succession planning and asset protection.  We focus extensively on various aspects of strategic insurance planning as it relates to clients a complete business and estate planning strategy.  

I&E Mission

I&E’s mission is to offer comprehensive support and guidance in diverse and critical topics to accomplish each step of the journey by offering information and tools ranging from the simplest to the most complex strategies for wealth building, estate planning, asset protection and business planning.