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Insuranceandestates.com is a sophisticated life insurance design and estate planning service that is supported by a team of top advance markets professionals who focus exclusively on insurance and estate planning strategies.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive planning, design and implementation services available AND to offer nothing less than the most effective assistance, tools and support available to help navigate these complicated areas. We strive to provide relevant information and support for entrepreneurs, business owners, retirees, and others seeking to preserve and build wealth.

Our platform was founded in 2016 by Steven Gibbs, an entrepreneurial estate planning attorney and licensed insurance professional with an inspired vision to create a platform for advanced insurance and estate planning offering information and expert guidance in a friendly and accommodating manner.

Our experts provide a depth of expertise in all aspects of estate planning including trusts and estates, estate tax, elder planning, business formation, business succession planning and asset protection.  We focus extensively on various aspects of strategic insurance planning as it relates to clients a complete business and estate planning strategy.

Our mission is to offer a wealth of support and guidance in diverse and critical topics ranging from the simplest to the most complex insurance and estate planning strategies as needed to empower our clients to accomplish their goals of estate planning, asset protection, business planning or financial freedom.

Whatever your circumstances, we can provide you with the tools, direction, insurance products and implementation guidance to accomplish your goals and attain peace of mind in the process.