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Denise Boisvert, Pro Client Guide, has 15 years of experience in the life industry.  She specializes in educating clients on strategic ways to leverage life insurance to provide family protection as well as maximize cash value accumulation to allow for self-funding opportunities and tax-free lifetime income streams. She is dedicated to matching top-rated carriers and products to client’s goals and objectives.  As an out-of-the-box thinker, she designs cases that are easily understood and easily executed by the client.

Some of Denise’s Top Webinars

Using an Infinite Banking Strategy for AirBnB Investors


Life Insurance for Children | Why High Cash Value Whole Life Insurance for Kids is Awesome


Permanent Life Insurance vs. 529 Plans for College Saving & Funding

What Clients Are Saying

Amazing experience with Denise Boisvert!

I had an amazing experience with Denise Boisvert! She was very informative and made the process of applying very easy and straightforward. Thank you Denise!

Denise Boisvert was such a…

Denise Boisvert was such a professional. She has explained clearly to us all available options and answered all of our questions and we learned so much in the process.
Thank You so much Denise!!!

Great Communication, Service and Product

Denise is extremely helpful in my selection of the insurance policy. She set up a time with me to explain the different options of the insurance, and the feature of the policies. I feel like she really listen to my needs and found a policy that fit my request. She is also good at communicating and responding to my questions in a timely manner. She is also very willing to run the illustration in many ways to help me make the discussion. Highly recommended.

Great Experience with Denise Boisvert

I had (and continue to have) a great experience working with Denise Boisvert. She recently helped me complete the 1035 exchange process for an existing IBC-based whole life insurance policy that I have.

What I appreciate the most is that she was there at the beginning to guide and advise me, answered any questions I had along the way while the 1035 exchange was happening, and reached out to me once the 1035 exchange was complete and the life insurance company received the funds. She was present the whole time and was always willing to help. What separates her from other agents I have had in the past is her communication and ability to simplify difficult concepts, her knowledge about the infinite banking concept, and her desire to help me make the best decision for my needs. It was just awesome! She’s consistent, she’s reliable, and she communicated with me the whole time. Even now that the 1035 exchange process is complete, I’m happy and confident that she is my agent going forward. She’s the only IBC whole life insurance agent I would ever want to work with! She’s simply the best!

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