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We Are Seeking Top Tier Insurance Professionals.

We at I&E are committed to empowering individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the transformative power of properly structured high cash value life insurance policies and strategies. Our mission extends beyond mere knowledge sharing; we aim to disseminate this powerful tool and the freedom it encapsulates to a broad audience. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need you. We’re assembling a team of the nation’s most skilled and insightful life insurance professionals.

Our journey begins with identifying those actively contributing to advancing the high cash value life insurance sector, including related fields like annuities and long-term care. Having been at the forefront of the estate planning industry for many years, we bring a distinctive platform and perspective. We’re excited to offer you the benefits of our extensive professional experiences and specialized training.

Joining our network means accessing crucial insights, dedicated sales support, comprehensive professional training, and tools designed to enhance and elevate your career.

Before you consider joining our team, reflect on the following criteria to ensure a synergistic fit:

  • Your enthusiasm for cash value life insurance and its myriad benefits should be a driving force in your professional life.
  • High cash value life insurance isn’t just a product you recommend; it’s a key component of your financial strategy.
  • You possess a deep, working understanding of the Infinite Banking Concept or a similar approach utilizing high cash value whole life insurance.

We invite you to complete the attached questionnaire if you’re eager to jumpstart, elevate, and harness your expertise within your market area. Your insights into what matters most to you and your professional needs will help us tailor our support to your unique situation.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and contribute to your journey toward success. Here’s to a future of shared achievements and breakthroughs!

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