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We Are Seeking Top Tier Insurance Professionals.

At I&E, we are passionate about empowering people with a true understanding of the power of properly designed high cash value life insurance products and strategies. And, in order to accomplish our mission to share this power and the freedom it brings with the masses, we need you! So, we are bringing together the best and brightest life insurance professionals in the country. A key first step in this mission is to discover who is making a difference in the high cash value life insurance space and related areas such as annuities and long term care.

Having served as top professionals in the estate planning world for decades, we offer a unique platform and perspective and we want to offer you the advantage of our professional experiences and training. By joining our network we will provide you with access to key insights, sales support, and professional training.

If you’d like us to help you kickstart, promote, level up, and leverage your expertise in your market area, please complete the attached short questionnaire. Let us know what is most important to you and what your needs are, so we can better serve you.

We are looking forward to connecting with you soon. To your success!

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