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Here at I&E, we are striving to reinvent the life insurance planning industry to better serve you, as a unique, complex individual with highly specific planning needs. Thus, rather than use worn out stereotyped industry terms and outdated roles like “agent”, we’ve coined the role Pro Client Guide for our vetted professionals who are committed to serving you and not just pushing products or sales mantras.

Your Pro Client Guide’s sole concern is to come alongside and guide you on the I&E journey. This usually means walking with you through our 5 step process, beginning with the Education phase and culminating with your Application process to execute your unique strategy.

Finally, your Pro Client Guide will serve as a resource for years to come during the Maintenance phase as your needs and priorities continue to evolve. Your 3 Senior Pro Client Guides are listed below.

Click to meet the Pro Client Guides below to review their focus areas and experience and when you’re ready, please reach out to connect and begin your journeying process.