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Barry has an extensive background in real estate investing and financial services and is an authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner.

Barry is the Founder and CEO of a Utah based financial company specializing in helping people grow money guaranteed and tax-free. He designs properly structured, high cash value whole life policies for his clients and teaches about the Infinite Banking Concept to help clients grow wealth and have tax=free retirement income.

He’s a co-author of the book, Tax-Free Money for Long-Term Care!, and is known as a financial coach and mentor to clients nationwide.

Barry speaks on topics such as real estate investing, tax-free retirement, guaranteed income planning, Infinite Banking, and how to grow wealth and be your own bank.

Barry has 5 amazing children, resides in Mesa, AZ, and loves to mountain bike, surf at the lake, and play guitar.

Some of Barry’s Best Webinars

Infinite Banking vs Stock Market Returns

The Infinite Banking Concept for Real Estate Investing

What Clients Are Saying

Barry and his team are fantastic!

Barry and his team are fantastic. Barry is incredibly knowledgeable in all things insurance, and walked me through the process step by step and was very patient. Would highly recommend!!

Barry is simply the best…

Barry is one of the best insurance agents by far. He is so professional and very knowledgeable – an expert. Barry has helped me and my husband with all our insurance needs. I trust him and he truly has become a part of my family and would definitely recommend him to anyone. Keep up the great work.

I Had a Great Experience Working with Barry Brooksby

The professionalism of Barry Brooksby and his staff is commendable. He and his team are friendly, thorough, and patient with any questions asked of them.

They ensured the goals I wanted to accomplish and provided me with options to achieve my stated goals.

Barry gave me a thorough understanding of those options, and I moved forward without feeling pressured. I will recommend Barry Brooksby to family, friends, and associates.

Thank you for a great experience, Barry!

The Best!!!

Barry and his team are not only very knowledgeable, they are also attentive, responsive and very transparent in their dealings. I’m very satisfied with their communication, professionalism and overall service provided.

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