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Retirement Planning Strategies

Hello, thanks for stopping by to consider a new and perhaps expanded approach to retirement planning.

You may be among the many that realize there is a problem with the status quo advice that is generally limited to solely relying on unpredictable tax deferred accounts.
The Problem: A volatile stock market and potential losses, an unknown future due to lack of specific planning, the high likelihood of potential future tax increases, and the fear of not having enough money for retirement.
The Solution: Integrate your planning with cash value life insurance contracts to add predictability AND protect your assets from future market downturns and tax increases.
Below you will find some of our retirement planning webinars, a free ebook, and many other articles pertaining to powerful retirement planning options.

IRA Conversion Strategies with IULs

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Retirement Articles

LIRP – 11 Life Insurance Retirement Plan Pros and Cons
life insurance retirement planThe life insurance retirement plan, AKA LIRP, is a powerful financial tool that has many pros and is has been used by millions of Americans to secure and protect their way of living throughout their lifetime and beyond.
Whole Life Insurance For Retirement [Guaranteed Returns Provide Security When You Need It Most]
life insurance retirement plan whole lifeUnlike the majority of the articles that are about using whole life insurance in retirement, we are actually going to give you some reasons why whole life is a good choice for people who are not among the 1%. You see, whole life provides certain benefits, such as a tax favored status, that makes it a unique product to use for most people looking for a good retirement vehicle.
Whole Life Insurance Retirement Planning
whole life insurance retirement planRetirement planning with whole life insurance is a powerful “holistic” strategy that should, at a minimum, be included as a integral part of a plan that includes other “traditional” components of a life insurance retirement plan( LIRP). “Holistic” emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts…
Straight Life Annuity – Providing Peace of Mind in Your Retirement
Lifetime AnnuityIn a perfect world, everyone would be blessed with a long, healthy, comfortable retirement. In the real world, though, we know that a well-funded, pleasant retirement requires careful planning. And one of the biggest challenges in developing a solid retirement strategy is dealing with uncertainty.

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