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best mutual whole life insurance companies

Finding financial strength and security in a crowded insurance marketplace While many people purchase life insurance for the death benefit that it provides, there are other features that can make these flexible financial vehicles enticing, too. For instance, with permanent dividend paying whole life insurance policies, there is a cash value where the funds are […] Read more

business owner asset protection

How Business Owners Can Protect Their Assets Entrepreneurs and small business owners face a variety of financial threats, ranging from the liability risk that comes with interacting with the public to dangers like recession, or an accident that impairs their ability to operate their business. Aside from general risks such as an economic downturn or […] Read more

ira vs life insurance

Traditional and Roth IRAs versus Life Insurance Which of these financial vehicles can really help you achieve future financial security? There are many ways to save and prepare for retirement. Because everyone’s goals, risk tolerance, and time frame can differ, though, there isn’t just one single strategy or financial vehicle that is best for all […] Read more

cash value chart whole life insurance

The following article examines three different whole life cash value charts to understand how different policy designs affect the outcome of the policy’s long term cash value growth. So, let’s begin with answering, What is Whole Life Insurance Cash Value? Permanent life insurance that builds cash value and acts as a tax-advantaged financial tool for […] Read more

rising interest rates high inflation assets

How to Protect Wealth When the Fed Is Raising Rates The low interest rate environment of recent decades appears to be on the way out. While rates may not currently be high by historical standards, they are nevertheless significantly above where they were just a year or so ago. With the Federal Reserve vowing to […] Read more

Indexed Universal Life pros and cons

What better way to provide you with financial peace of mind when the market is crashing than an IUL policy? Every stock market melt down is a great example of why indexed universal life insurance is such a fantastic tool for building and protecting wealth, all wrapped up in a tax favored vehicle. In this […] Read more

fixed index annuities dave ramsey

The following transcript is taken from the video titled Why Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Understand Fixed Index Annuities. Steve Gibbs: All right, so we wanted to make a reaction video to one of Dave Ramsey’s videos that he talks about fixed index annuities. And just jumping into this, we applaud Dave Ramsey. He has a huge […] Read more

life insurance vs 401k

Surprising comparisons, unexpected results! You likely already know that life insurance is often purchased to help survivors pay off debts and supplement lost income when an individual passes away. But what you might not realize is that this flexible financial vehicle can be used for so much more, including college savings, healthcare and long-term care […] Read more

how much does life insurance payout

People buy life insurance for a multitude of different reasons. These can include income replacement, debt payoff, business succession funding, and/or the payment of a funeral and other final expenses of the insured. Depending on how long it takes to receive a life insurance death benefit can be a primary factor in whether or not […] Read more

OneAmerica Review

Finding the right tools to grow and protect your wealth – and those you love Making sure that you have the right financial tools in place can be somewhat tricky. While there are countless “gurus” on television, print, and social media who tout on about various options and opportunities, in many cases, what they’re advertising […] Read more