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Infinite Banking Concept®

Often people refer to the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) as synonymous with dividend paying whole life insurance. While it is true that a whole life policy is key component and to be sure a powerful asset, it is not infinite banking in and of itself. Infinite Banking entails a broader strategy which, as a starting […] Read more

The following webinar and transcript is based on the Maximum Potential Earnings Calculator. The calculator shows your potential lifetime income, (basically all the money that will pass through your hands in your lifetime), as well as demonstrate the detrimental effects of taxes and debt service on your total potential income. You will be amazed at […] Read more

The following is a transcript from our webinar titled Using the Infinite Banking Concept for Estate Planning [Asset Protection and Tax Benefits] The primary focus of this webinar deals with estate planning best practices and how infinite banking can help you accomplish three primary estate planning goals: Asset Protection, Tax Protection, and Legacy Creation. You […] Read more

Welcome to a deep dive into the pros and cons of the infinite banking concept®. While there are many pros to infinite banking, there are some cons that you should consider. And while we are advocates of this concept, it is not for everyone or every situation. At Insurance and Estates we love infinite banking. […] Read more

The following transcript is from our video “Using a Fixed Annuity to Fund an Infinite Banking Policy [4 Benefits].” You can watch the video and follow along with the transcript below. Steve Gibbs: Hey guys. Thanks for checking out this video. So today is going to be a great, well short, webinar demonstration from one […] Read more

The following article is a complete transcript from our video titled Why banks are collapsing and an alternative for storing wealth reserves. Steve Gibbs: All right, so I’m here with Barry Brooksby, one of our infinite banking pros. Barry, glad you’re here. Today, we want to address really the recent SVB bank collapse. We want […] Read more

Infinite banking is a concept created by Nelson Nash that focuses on how you can become your own banker using dividend paying whole life insurance. Becoming your own banker means you use your whole life insurance policy as your personal bank, drawing money form it through withdrawals, or preferably, life insurance loans, and using the […] Read more

Thank you for stopping by. The following video is a webinar offered by us here at I&E on how to triple your real estate returns with infinite banking. For your convenience, we have also provided the full transcript below. After watching the video and/or reading the transcript, we invite you to schedule a call with […] Read more

The following article covers the top 10 most frequently asked questions we get about the infinite banking concept in the context of a properly structured dividend paying whole life insurance policy. Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Infinite Banking How soon can I take out a policy loan? What is the guaranteed interest rate on […] Read more

There’s a reason they say it takes money to make money.  If you’re trying to build wealth by investing, you need to have the cash or credit access necessary to acquire the investments. To purchase an investment property, for instance, you’d probably go to a bank and ask for a loan.  If approved, the funds […] Read more