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Life Insurance

Whole life insurance, specifically dividend paying whole life insurance, offered through a mutual insurance company, is a great tool for building a solid financial foundation. And with a solid financial foundation in place, it will free you up to make better use of your money, accumulating in a life that is outside of the typical […] Read more

About Great American Life Great American began operations in New York City in 1872 under the name “German American Life Insurance Company.”  With the U.S. and Germany on opposing sides in World War I, the company adopted the “Great American” name in 1918. Throughout the Twentieth Century, Great American continually grew and expanded, including through […] Read more

Trinity Life Review

About Trinity Life. Trinity Life Insurance Company is a relatively small, Oklahoma-based insurer held by First Trinity Financial Corporation.  Trinity Life and its subsidiary, Family Benefit Life, issue policies in 27 states, primarily in the southeastern and central regions of the U.S.  Though currently smaller than many life insurers, Trinity Life emphasizes on its website […] Read more

MassMutual vs Guardian Life

Both MassMutual and Guardian make our best whole life insurance companies list due to each company’s excellent participating life insurance. And both MassMutual and Guardian are mutual insurance companies, providing top of the line dividend paying whole life insurance policies. In truth, both of these companies have striking similarities, in terms of company history and […] Read more

Here at I&E, we understand that when most folks are looking to purchase a Term Life Insurance policy, what they’re really looking to do is to try and find the most affordable life insurance policy, which will protect their loved ones during the most “vulnerable” time of their lives. And in most cases… This means […] Read more

MassMutual vs New York Life

Both New York Life and MassMutual are top whole life insurance companies. Further, both are mutual insurance companies, that offer participating life insurance. The reality is, neither company has any weaknesses to speak of, so choosing cash value whole life from one or the other is a great idea. Take a look at our comparison […] Read more

MetLife Whole Life Insurance Review

About MetLife Popularly known as “MetLife,” the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has been a serious player in the insurance industry for well over a century. During the U.S. Civil War, MetLife’s ancestor company, then known as National Union Life & Limb Insurance Company, began marketing policies designed to provide protection to soldiers. A few years […] Read more

Novelist Terry Pratchett popularized a concept long familiar to economists and now known as the “boots theory of economics” (or, less pithily, the “boots theory of socioeconomic inequality”). In short, if you pay $100 for a pair of boots that lasts you twenty years, you got a better deal than if you pay $20 for […] Read more

Penn Mutual vs Northwestern Mutual

In comparing Penn Mutual vs Northwestern Mutual, you have one of the most dynamic whole life insurance companies against the old guard. Penn Mutual offers some of the best dividend paying whole life insurance in the U.S. Northwestern Mutual has consistently been the leader in whole life insurance sales for the better part of the […] Read more

Most people looking to buy term life insurance want the best deal they can find. The problem is, the advertised 20 year term life insurance rates provided in the commercials are not always the rates you will end up with. The reason is, there are a lot of variables that go into finding the lowest […] Read more