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Life Insurance

Are you buying term life because it’s the best choice for you or because your agent doesn’t understand whole life insurance? The sad reality is, many in both the financial market and insurance market have embraced the idea that the only life insurance worth your time and money is term life insurance. You hear it […] Read more

There are various companies offering different types of life insurance policies. Some companies don’t offer all types of coverage. So, if you call up a typical agency you are only going to be able to get quotes on a few different policy types, primarily term and perhaps guaranteed universal life. But there are many other […] Read more

We tend to think of settlement of a life insurance policy as when the insurance company pays out the policy’s death benefit upon the insured’s death.  And that’s right as far as it goes.  But that’s not the only way a life insurance policy can be “settled”. Which is why… We wanted to take a […] Read more

It’s tempting to think of charitable donations and bequests to heirs as a zero-sum, either/or proposition.  There’s a finite amount of wealth to be distributed, and every dollar that goes one place can’t also go somewhere else. Now, to a certain extent, that’s an unavoidable constraint.  However, when you bring life insurance into the mix, […] Read more

Deciding how to structure life insurance can be one of the most important choices you make in your estate plan.  Along with providing for your loved ones, a well-planned life insurance policy can help you avoid probate, reduce taxes, and protect key assets. And, because life insurance has a significant impact on how your estate […] Read more

Cash value life insurance has the uncommon distinction among financial products of being both predictable and versatile. With whole life, for instance, premiums, growth rates, and death benefits are all guaranteed.  This means that you can predict with a reasonable level of certainty the cost of the policy, the rate at which its cash value […] Read more

Cash Value Life Insurance Creditor Protection and Bankruptcy Protection By State Whole life policies offer numerous benefits beyond just providing liquidity in the event of an untimely death. Over time, a policy’s cash surrender value builds up, earning interest and serving as a versatile financial asset useful in retirement and estate planning. With guaranteed cash […] Read more

If you are shopping for life insurance, you may be puzzled to hear your insurance agent use the word “tables” when describing how rates are determined. While the term may not apply to you if you are in good health and don’t work in an especially high-risk field, if you are subject to risk factors […] Read more

The Problem Long-term care is expensive. Whether it’s a nursing home or other assisted-living facility, or home-based services, the extended duration and continuous care result in quickly mounting costs. Private nursing homes average around $80,000 per year, and even home-based care comes in at around $40,000.(1)  These cost levels can rapidly deplete a retiree’s entire […] Read more

Penn Mutual is an excellent company and makes up the elite class of the best life insurance companies for wealth building and legacy creating.  But, is it going to be the “right” insurance company for you? That’s the real question! And one that we hope you’ll be better able to answer for yourself after reading I&E’s […] Read more