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Life Insurance

Overfunded Life Insurance Pros and Cons

In this article, we’re going to discuss a strategy whereby someone can take advantage of overfunding their cash value whole life insurance policy for the purpose of then using this cash accumulation to accumulate and preserve wealth. During our discussion, we’ll focus on some of the pros and cons of overfunding life insurance, as well […] Read more

When it comes time to shop for a Limited Pay Whole Life Insurance Policy, what you’re generally going to find is that many of the best whole life insurance companies will offer some type of limited pay whole life insurance option which will allow you to fund a permanent cash value policy in a limited […] Read more

We often get the question “How much does whole life insurance cost,” so we put together the following whole life insurance rates by age charts below. We have whole life insurance charts that give examples of whole life insurance quotes by age below. But these charts only tell half the story. The true cost of […] Read more

There are four ratings agencies you need to be aware of when you are evaluating different insurance companies overall financial health. Understanding the life insurance company ratings will help you make the tough decision on which one of the best life insurance companies available is going to be the right fit for you. The ability […] Read more

When it comes to the best whole life insurance, participating whole life, where the insurance company pays a dividend to participating policyholders, is certainly the best policy available in the marketplace. In addition, dividend paying whole life insurance is a great vehicle for creating wealth and leaving a legacy. Don’t believe it? Well, stick around […] Read more

The life insurance retirement plan, AKA LIRP, is a powerful financial tool that has many pros and is has been used by millions of Americans to secure and protect their way of living throughout their lifetime and beyond. In the highly competitive financial services sector you will hear advice for 100 different products and strategies, […] Read more

Penn Mutual is an excellent company and makes up the elite class of the best life insurance companies for wealth building and legacy creating.  But, is it going to be the “right” insurance company for you? That’s the real question! And one that we hope you’ll be better able to answer for yourself after reading I&E’s […] Read more

Guardian Life Insurance Review for 2020

At Insurance and Estates, we provide our readers with the facts needed to make the right choice regarding the top life insurance company and plan they choose. In the following Guardian Life review, we will cover the strengths of the company, its ratings, its history and its various products and features. Is Guardian the right […] Read more

AS of January 14, 2020, AXA Equitable has officially changed its name to Equitable. For purposes of people finding this review on a search we have left AXA Equitable in the article until the name change has been in place long enough for people to realize AXA has changed its name to Equitable. Equitable ranks […] Read more

Life insurance does not meet the criteria of an investment. Rather than call life insurance an investment, it would be more accurate to call it a savings vehicle with a death benefit. However, due to some amazing features and advantages, life insurance is the best vehicle for building wealth when designed and used properly, specifically […] Read more