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Life Insurance

In the quest for financial independence, the infinite banking concept has emerged as a counter-culture strategy, allowing individuals like you to use life insurance policies as personal banking systems. The Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy is a powerful tool if correctly harnessed, which is accomplished through proper design and implementation. Indexed Universal Life for Infinite […] Read more

If you’re considering leveraging your assets to secure a loan, your life insurance policy might hold untapped potential as collateral. This strategic move can offer you a pathway to obtain the financing you need without risking your home or other valuable assets. It’s a method that not only provides lenders with the assurance of repayment […] Read more

Infinite Banking Software: Providing Personal Finance Mastery Infinite Banking, a strategy grounded in using whole life insurance as your own banking system, has become a popular method for managing personal finance. The concept, rooted in leveraging the cash value of whole life insurance policies, offers a outside the box approach to maximizing your dollars. To […] Read more

Do you regularly “pay yourself first?” If so, where does the money go? According to best selling financial author Robert Kiyosaki, one of the best ways to get – and stay – on track financially is to pay yourself first. Kiyosaki is quoting the book, The Richest Man in Babylon, where George Samuel Clason proposes […] Read more

When building your financial plan, there is a wide variety of tools available to you – and because everyone’s goals, risk tolerance, and time frame can differ, some of these may work better than others for you and your specific objectives. With one of the biggest risks to your financial security being taxes – particularly […] Read more

Do you own your business…or does your business own you? For many business owners, getting their dream up and running comes with an endless loop of securing financing for startup or expansion costs, and then working tirelessly to pay back lenders until (or in some cases, IF) the company becomes financially stable. Even then, expanding […] Read more

Common Objections and FAQs to Whole Life Insurance and the Infinite Banking Concept The following are objections and misunderstandings relating to high cash value whole life insurance designed for the infinite banking strategy. If you have any additional questions relating to this topic please leave us your feedback in the comment section below and we […] Read more

Flexibility, control, tax advantages, and a safety net – all with one single asset Although many people include permanent life insurance in their financial plan for the death benefit it can provide, there is a multitude of other ways these cash value life insurance policies may be used, too…even while the insured is still alive. […] Read more

The following article is a direct transcript of our webinar Paid Up Additions for Whole Life Insurance. We have linked out to other articles when necessary to give our readers more information about a particular subject. Additionally, there are a few times where we have added additional content where we felt it would benefit the […] Read more

In this comprehensive guide of the infinite banking concept, we share our experience and insights into how to apply for and design an effective Infinite Banking policy, weighing its pros and cons, and exploring real-world applications in areas like real estate investments and debt relief. We also share our 70 plus years of combined experience […] Read more