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United Home Life Insurance Company Review

Fact Checked by Jason Herring & Barry Brooksby
Licensed Agents & Life Insurance Experts.
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About United Home Life

United Home Life Insurance Company and its parent company, United Farm Life, are an Indiana-based insurance group specializing in simplified-issue and guaranteed-issue life insurance.  In fact, all of United Home Life’s policies are no medical exam life insurance.

Originally formed in 1937 as a mutual company providing insurance to Indiana farmers, United Home Life offers a wide range of life insurance options designed for customers in many different health, age, and coverage-need categories.

The company issues policies in all but a small handful of states, though not every policy is available in every state in which United Home Life does business.

United Home Life Financial Ratings

A.M. Best: A-
Fitch: NR
Moody’s: NR
S&P Global: NR
Comdex Ranking: NR

Though not presently rated by Fitch, Moody’s, or S&P Global, United Home Life scores an A- grade from A.M. Best, while parent company United Farm Life is one score higher with an A.

Both scores are solid ratings, suggesting the companies are financially sound, with little risk of non-payment of policies.

Together, the two companies have assets totaling over $2 billion and outstanding life insurance policies of over $20 billion.

United Home Life has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2007 and presently enjoys an excellent A+ rating.  The high score suggests that the company’s customer service is generally solid and that, when issues arise, they are responsive to complaints.

Products Offered by United Home Life

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Accidental Death Insurance

Life Insurance Policies Offered by United Home Life

Simple Term Life Insurance:

United Home calls its term policy “Simple Term,” and all term policies are “simplified issue.”  A medical exam is never required—just a health-screening questionnaire and telephone interview.   Premiums are level throughout a policy’s initial term, and, after the initial term concludes, policies can be renewed annually through age 95.

Simple Term comes in four variations, all of which include a terminal illness rider at no extra cost.

Simple Term 20 has a 20-year initial term and optional riders for Total and Permanent Disability (premium waiver), Accidental Death (increased death benefit), and children’s insurance.

Simple Term 30 is essentially the same as Simple Term 20, but with a 30-year initial term.

Simple Term 20 ROP includes a return-of-premium feature under which a policyholder’s premium payments are reimbursed upon conclusion of the 20-year initial term.  The Disability and Accidental Death riders are not available with Simple Term 20 ROP.

Simple Term 20 DLX is designed for diabetic applicants between ages 20 and 60 who might otherwise be unable to obtain coverage.  Coverage amounts range from $25,000 to $50,000.  The Disability Rider is not available with Simple Term 20 DLX.

Provider Whole Life Insurance:

Provider is one of United Home’s most popular policies.  It provides fixed-premium whole life coverage to new applicants as young as a few weeks old all the way up to age 80.

Applicants through age 50 can obtain coverage from $10,000 to $150,000.  The coverage cap is limited to $100,000 and $50,000 for applicants in their fifties and over 60, respectively.

Terminal Illness riders come standard with all Provider policies.

Policies insuring minors include a Guaranteed-Insurability rider allowing purchase of future supplemental coverage with no further underwriting.  Common Carrier Accidental Death and Life-Threatening Cancer riders are included at no extra charge for policies with face values over $25,000.

Express Issue Whole Life:

This is a graded-benefit, simplified-issue final expense whole life policy designed for applicants between ages 25 and 80 and who are unable to answer “no” to every question on a medical-screening questionnaire.

If the death benefit is triggered during the first two years after a policy is issued, the payout is equal to all premiums thus far paid on the policy, plus 8% interest.  However, full policy proceeds are paid out for accidental deaths regardless of the two-year period.

After the waiting period, full coverage kicks in.

Premium waiver riders for extended hospital stays or identity theft and a common-carrier accidental death rider (increasing the proceeds if death results from an accident while the insured is a passenger with a common carrier) are included standard with all policies providing at least $10,000 in coverage.

Express Issue Premier / Express Issue Deluxe:

Express Issue Premier and Deluxe are simplified-issue whole life policies, with full coverage starting immediately upon issuance.

Coverage is available to applicants between ages 20 and 80 who are able to pass a medical-screening questionnaire and telephone interview.

Deluxe and Premier both feature the fixed premiums, cash-value accrual, and guaranteed-for-life coverage that make whole life a valuable tool for retirement and estate planning.

Deluxe policies are designed to provide immediate-issue coverage to diabetic applicants and are available with coverage from $5,000 to $50,000.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life:

United Home’s Guaranteed Issue Whole Life policy does not require any medical screening, and there’s no risk of being denied coverage.  New applicants must be between ages 45 and 75 and can obtain coverage in amounts from $2,000 to $25,000.

A graded-benefit waiting period applies for non-accidental death occurring during the first two years after issuance.  If a policy is triggered during the waiting period, the payout is measured as a return of all premiums paid to date, plus interest.

Once a policy is issued, coverage is guaranteed through age 100.  If the insured reaches 100, the policy is mature, and its proceeds will be paid out by United Home.

Available Life Insurance Riders

Common Carrier Accidental Death:  If the insured’s death results from injuries sustained while a passenger on a common carrier, the policy’s death benefit is increased.  The rider

Children’s Insurance: A policyholder can obtain supplemental term coverage for an insured’s minor children.

Accelerated Benefit Riders:  United Home features accelerated death benefit riders allowing early payment of policy proceeds in the event an insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness or life-threatening cancer.  The life-threatening cancer rider is not available with all policies and requires a minimum policy face-value of $25,000.

Premium Waiver Riders:  United Home’s premium waiver riders relieve a policyholder of the obligation to pay premiums if an insured has an extended hospital stay or suffers identity theft.  Premium waiver riders are not available with all policies.

Protector AD:  Protector AD is available as a supplemental rider for most whole life policies.  When elected, it supplements whole life coverage with an extra layer of term protection if the insured’s death results from an accident.  The supplemental term period is twenty years.

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