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Finding the right tools to grow and protect your wealth – and those you love Making sure that you have the right financial tools in place can be somewhat tricky. While there are countless “gurus” on television, print, and social media who tout on about various options and opportunities, in many cases, what they’re advertising […] Read more

As a rule, we at I&E strive to provide the most accurate and objective insight on the web for all things related to life insurance and estate planning. A good starting point for this lofty goal is to decide who exactly are the best life insurance companies in the USA. This article will attempt to […] Read more

Here at I&E, we’re often asked… “What is the BEST life insurance for seniors?” And while this… May seem like an easy question to answer, the truth is, if you’re looking for an straightforward answer, knowing what the BEST life insurance for a senior is, is really going to depend on a wide variety of […] Read more

Bestow is a life insurance agency that offers coverage from one the the top life insurance companies in the U.S.  In the following review of Bestow, we will do a deep dive into the history of the agency, the insurance company behind the agency, and touch upon the pros and cons of getting life insurance […] Read more

At I&E, we work with many of the top life insurance companies. So, while we don’t offer  Ladder, we do have many other excellent companies you can choose from. With that said, we offer the following comprehensive Ladder life insurance review as unbiased as possible, with the caveat that we hope you would consider getting […] Read more

At I&E, we specialize in convertible term life and cash value life insurance, so we are not necessarily a direct competitor to Health IQ. And we are not privy to the rate discounts based on your health IQ. However, we both offer policies from the top life insurance companies, so we offer this notice for […] Read more

Thanks for checking out our PolicyGenius review. Full disclosure, we at I&E are a direct competitor to PolicyGenius, representing many of the same best life insurance companies. With that in mind, we did our best to present the following information about PolicyGenius as unbiased as possible. Table of Contents: What is Policygenius? What Services Does […] Read more

At I&E, we represent many of the top no exam life insurance companies in the U.S. That includes both term and whole life insurance policies. We say this at the outset of this Haven Life Review because we need to be upfront and offer a disclaimer here that we are a competitor of Haven Life. […] Read more

We at I&E want to thank you for stopping by our Ethos Life review. We also offer life insurance from the best companies in the U.S., which makes us a competitor to Ethos. However, we have done our best to present as an unbiased a review of Ethos as possible. Table of Contents: About Ethos […] Read more

Reader note: Insurance and Estates offers life insurance products from the same top life insurance companies (among many others), so we are a competitor to AIG Direct. With that said, we have done our best to present as thorough and unbiased a reveiw of AIG Direct as possible. Table of Contents: About AIG Direct Insurance […] Read more