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Thrivent Life Review

About Thrivent Life The company now known as Thrivent Financial was formed in Wisconsin in 1902 under the name Aid Association for Lutherans.  The organization’s current iteration came into being as Thrivent Financial for Lutherans following a 2002 merger with the Minnesota-based Lutheran Brotherhood.  Thrivent has its corporate headquarters in Minneapolis and its operations center […] Read more

TruStage Life Insurance Review

We do not represent TruStage, nor do we have an affiliate marketing relationship with Trustage. In fact, TruStage is not among the best life insurance companies that we offer. With this in mind, we have done our best to present as unbiased review of TruStage as possible. Table of Contents: About TruStage Types of Insurance […] Read more

USAA Life Insurance Review

About USAA Life Insurance The United States Automobile Association (“USAA”) was formed in 1922, when a group of army officers decided to form an insurance company for the purpose of insuring servicemembers’ vehicles.  Today, USAA provides a host of financial services to servicemembers, veterans, and their families—including numerous types of insurance, banking, investment assistance, and […] Read more

About AARP Life Insurance The American Association of Retired Persons was formed in 1958 by a retired public-school principal.  Now called simply “AARP,” the organization is a well-known name in final expense life insurance, despite not itself being a life insurance company. Instead, AARP licenses the right to market life insurance under the AARP name […] Read more

AAA Life Insurance Company Review

About AAA Life Insurance In 1969, the American Automobile Association (better known as “AAA”) established AAA Life Insurance Company to provide optional coverage to AAA members.  Today, AAA no longer owns Livonia, Michigan-based AAA Life (though the insurer is owned by companies in AAA’s network), and membership in AAA is not a requirement to purchase […] Read more

Colonial Penn Review

About Colonial Penn From its headquarters in Philadelphia, Colonial Penn specializes in marketing life insurance directly to consumers. When the company was formed in the late 1950s, that meant targeted nationwide radio and TV advertisements, with most business transacted over the phone or through the mail. Today, Colonial Penn still has an impressive media presence […] Read more

State Farm Life Insurance Review

State Farm is a trusted name in the insurance world. The company boasts some of the best financial ratings and has been one of the best whole life insurance companies for decades. In the following State Farm review, we will discuss the various pros and cons associated with State Farm and explore the company’s life […] Read more

About Great American Life Great American began operations in New York City in 1872 under the name “German American Life Insurance Company.”  With the U.S. and Germany on opposing sides in World War I, the company adopted the “Great American” name in 1918. Throughout the Twentieth Century, Great American continually grew and expanded, including through […] Read more

Trinity Life Review

About Trinity Life Trinity Life Insurance Company is a relatively small, Oklahoma-based insurer held by First Trinity Financial Corporation.  Trinity Life and its subsidiary, Family Benefit Life, issue policies in 27 states, primarily in the southeastern and central regions of the U.S. Though currently smaller than many life insurers, Trinity Life emphasizes on its website […] Read more

About Knights of Columbus Life Insurance Originally formed in 1882, the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal benefit society headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, with nearly 2 million members worldwide. Along with its extensive charitable work, Knights of Columbus provides members of the organization and their families access to multiple benefits, including eligibility to […] Read more