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Wealth Building

Recently, the DOW plunged again in the wake of an oil war and concerns about COVID-19.  This did more than raise a few eyebrows in the financial community and had the rest of the masses furiously racing back to monitor their portfolios. These incidents which tend to occur every few years are a reminder of […] Read more

Whole life insurance is an asset that provides you with liquidity, tax deferred growth and a solid financial foundation. When life insurance is used as your own bank, you have a store of wealth that is protected from the ebbs and flows of the market, but the ability to draw upon your money when opportunities […] Read more

As often noted, a primary residence is the most valuable asset most Americans possess.  Losing a home to creditors or in a bankruptcy case can be devastating. The homeowner not only suffers the financial setback of losing the wealth built up in the property, but also the emotional toll of being forced to leave home […] Read more

Asset protection is NOT just for business owners. It reaches into all aspects of wealth preservation and estate planning. However, you might say that business owners are on the front lines of this battle because the act of offering services to the general public can be a risky proposition. So, this article will focus on […] Read more

Having already wrote a comprehensive article on 401k withdrawals rules, the focus in the following article will be on 401k pros and cons, including the history of the plan and why it is that virtually all working class Americans are participants. The primary theme throughout this article is to help answer the question of whether […] Read more

Investors are always looking for the next best thing; the best investment to make now. The absolute perfect strategy to enable them to build wealth, stockpile some money and watch it grow to suit their needs and desires. At the outset, we want to pose that the best investment you or anyone can make is […] Read more

INFLATION, INSURANCE, AND THE ILLUSION OF NOMINAL DOLLARS By, Frank A. Jurs II (@OccupyWisdom) Most people, professional and laypeople, believe that the term “inflation” means the rising cost associated with goods and services. While the rising cost of goods and services are a byproduct of inflation, it’s not inflation in and of itself. Inflation is […] Read more

The Everything Bubble

History shows that when it comes to asset market gyrations, the pendulum rarely swings to the middle. When times are good, and money is easy, markets are prone to rise to over-inflated levels, forming bubbles that eventually burst and leave hordes of investors ruing the day they bought into them. But while past bubbles have […] Read more

If you’ve researched cash value life insurance at all, you’ve probably been exposed to some negative commentary from those in the financial world (often financial entertainers and stockbrokers) who seek to compare whole life insurance with other investment options. Our prior articles tackle those objections in some detail… As we’ve discussed concerning the infinite banking […] Read more

The following article on deals with cashing out a 401k. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this decision and you need to weigh each option to make sure it is the right decision for you. After all, there are many 401k pros and cons that you need to consider when deciding on whether or […] Read more