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Determining Your Marginal Tax Rate

If you’re single and you earn $100,000 per year, you are in the 24% tax bracket, so that means you should be paying $24,000 per year in federal income tax, right?  Well, no, it’s not that simple.  In fact, your actual tax liability will probably be much less.  And that’s because the U.S. has what […] Read more

Cost Segregation Pros and Cons

At Insurance & Estates, we focus on maximizing your cash flow so you can free up as much money as possible to live financially free. Through the use of a home base for your liquid assets in properly structured whole life insurance you can increase your return on your assets, in a tax favored environment, […] Read more

Determining your opportunity cost on any given day and in any situation produces a harvest of beneficial returns, not just financially but in other areas of your life as well, including your mental, spiritual and physical growth. In the following article on opportunity cost, we will dive into the the concept as well as the […] Read more

“Discipline equals freedom” – Jocko Willink At I&E, we want you to be financially free. However, without financial discipline, there is no financial freedom. The following article touches upon some of our philosophy of money and highlights important steps you can take towards financial discipline on the path to financial freedom. The simple fact is […] Read more

In the following article on compound interest growth and the different compound interest accounts available we are going to take a different approach than you will find anywhere else. In fact, if you are short on time, please jump to our section that talks about how using the best compound interest account that grows without […] Read more

Getting your proverbial “financial house” in order requires an investment into many different areas of your life, such as an investment in knowledge, experience, and other internal/external areas. It also includes an investment into different types of insurance policies that provide safety and security to your existing lifestyle, today and beyond. In the following article […] Read more

Starting a new business can be an exciting, albeit stressful, time.  As a potential new business-owner, you have many crucial decisions to make, not the least of which is picking the right business structure, particularly if you plan on using your life insurance as your own bank.  S-Corp vs. C-Corp, or perhaps an LLC?  Or […] Read more

The main point of this article is to shine some light on what the elites teach their children juxtaposed with what the working class and poor are taught, i.e rich vs poor education. Any wealth building blueprint is only as good as the person implementing it. Although a certain degree of hand holding is expected, […] Read more

The 401k plan is the dominate savings and investing account for many in the U.S., with around 54 million people participating as of 2015. (1) As a result, many people wonder what happens to their 401k plan if they quit or leave their job. In the following article we will address this question and provide […] Read more

The wealthy do things differently than the masses. Yet, most people don’t follow the lead of the wealthy, which is why there is a huge disparity, ever widening, among the rich vs the poor. Therefore, to engage in true wealth building, a re-education, including a proper understanding of money and financial leverage using good debt, […] Read more