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Dividend Paying whole life insurance

Do you regularly “pay yourself first?” If so, where does the money go? According to best selling financial author Robert Kiyosaki, one of the best ways to get – and stay – on track financially is to pay yourself first. Kiyosaki is quoting the book, The Richest Man in Babylon, where George Samuel Clason proposes […] Read more

If you follow sports, play sports professionally, or just for fun, you are likely familiar with the exorbitant salaries and bonuses that many top athletes receive…in some cases generating 7- or 8-figures per year. But, while such significant paychecks can provide mansions and fleets of high-dollar sports cars for these icons, it’s a different story […] Read more

The following transcript is from our webinar Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance as an Alternative to FDIC Banking. You can view the webinar in full below.   Steve Gibbs: All right. Well, thank you guys for joining us. I’m excited to jump in, and Barry and I have done a good number of webinars over […] Read more

In this article, we’ll be exploring dividend paying whole life insurance, a valuable tool for wealth creation and legacy building offered by mutual insurance companies. These mutual companies pay dividends to policyholders, making them some of the best options in the insurance market. We will cover the complexities and advantages of these policies, focusing on […] Read more

Whole life insurance is a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan, providing not only a death benefit but also a savings vehicle through its cash value component. Within whole life insurance, a pivotal choice exists between participating life insurance policies and non-participating policies, each carrying distinct implications for policyholders. Participating Life Insurance: Sharing in […] Read more

In the world of life insurance, mutual insurers offering dividend paying whole life insurance are somewhat of a unicorn. While these companies do exist, the modern era has seen many companies go the way of the stock market. But it is important to understand that.. Not all life insurance policies are created equal. Some policies, […] Read more