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Cash Value Life Insurance

If you search the internet for comparing life insurance vs. 529 plan for college savings, and in particular whole life insurance, you’ll find polarizing viewpoints. Half of the resources love whole life insurance as a vehicle to save for college, and provide compelling arguments. The other half suggest that whole life insurance is not ideal for […] Read more

For those of you that are familiar with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), or happen to know a little about the tax advantages of life insurance contracts, you probably know that IRC section 7702 defines the type of life insurance contract that receives tax advantages. A “7702 Plan” or “7702 Private Plan” in common terms […] Read more

High net worth means different things to different people. To an average household, high net worth may be viewed as someone with a few million stashed away. For wealthier households, the perception may be that only the top 1% with assets in the tens of millions are really defined as high net worth (HNW). When […] Read more

The focus of the following article is on getting you familiar with our current crop of the top permanent life insurance companies. As with all our top life insurance companies lists, it is a fluid one, subject to change at our whim based on the different product offerings available in the marketplace. We focus on […] Read more

The Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) can be your worst enemy, or your best friend. If we look at what it is, how to avoid it if necessary, and how to use it when needed, we’ll be much more capable of keeping our permanent insurance policies working for us in a powerful way. In order to […] Read more

The following article is a more comprehensive look at permanent coverage in support of our article featuring the Top 20 Best Permanent Life Insurance Companies. Composing such a list and knowing which companies are the so called “best” will vary depending on the type of permanent life insurance needed. Because the best life insurance company for you will depend […] Read more

Look Before You LIRP – Book Review

If you’re interested in learning about the 0% tax “bucket” and other retirement saving strategies, you owe it to yourself to read Look Before You LIRP by David McKnight. LIRP stands for Life Insurance Retirement Plan, and in the book McKnight identifies what he believes to be the best type of LIRP available today. Are […] Read more

One of the key attributes of cash value life insurance is the ability to build reserves of cash within the policy. However, most people don’t really understand the various ways that cash can accumulate within a permanent life insurance policy OR the pros and cons of using life insurance for cash accumulation. Among the various […] Read more

A simple google search reveals reams of digital content about what is known as “second to die” or “survivorship“ life insurance. Articles usually strive to define this type of life insurance in some way, and yet this can be accomplished in one sentence. Simply put, second to die or survivorship life insurance differs from all […] Read more