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Universal Life Insurance

In the quest for financial independence, the infinite banking concept has emerged as a counter-culture strategy, allowing individuals like you to use life insurance policies as personal banking systems. The Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy is a powerful tool if correctly harnessed, which is accomplished through proper design and implementation. Indexed Universal Life for Infinite […] Read more

Most people do not enjoy paying taxes. This is true both before and during retirement. But what many investors do not realize is that funds in traditional IRAs that grow on a tax deferred basis right now will eventually be taxed – and if future income tax rates are higher than they are today (as […] Read more

The following article we will help shed some light on which companies offer the best IULs, what are the many benefits indexed universal life provides, as well as list some of the potential pitfalls you should be aware of. Table of Contents Key Takeaways Best Indexed Universal Life Insurance Companies About Indexed Universal Life Insurance […] Read more

What better way to provide you with financial peace of mind when the market is crashing than an indexed universal life insurance policy? Every stock market melt down is a great example of why indexed universal life insurance is such a fantastic tool for building and protecting wealth, all wrapped up in a tax favored […] Read more

Among the myriad choices, universal life insurance stands as a beacon of flexibility and security, offering a range of options tailored to your unique financial landscape. Whether you’re drawn to the cost-effective protection of Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance, the growth potential of Indexed Universal Life Insurance, or the investment opportunities of Variable Universal Life Insurance, […] Read more

Whether you’re leaning towards the predictable nature of Whole Life Insurance or the potential higher returns of Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL), this guide offers valuable insights and expert recommendations to guide you in selecting the policy that aligns best with your unique financial needs and goals. Whole Life vs Indexed Universal Life Insurance Both […] Read more

Navigating the world of permanent life insurance can be complex, yet understanding the nuances between different policies is crucial for making informed decisions tailored to your personal and financial goals. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the intricacies of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) and Variable Universal Life (VUL) insurance policies—two prominent members of the […] Read more

At I&E, we don’t try to pretend that there is one best life insurance policy or company. The best policy depends on your specific needs, goals and objectives. In some cases the best policy will be Variable Universal Life insurance (VUL). In the following article on variable universal life insurance, we will cover the history […] Read more

Variable life insurance (VLI) is a type of life insurance policy that, like all policies of this type, features a death benefit and is guaranteed to remain in force as long as you make premium payments. Variable life insurance also has a cash value account but, unlike traditional permanent life policies such as whole life […] Read more

A guaranteed universal life insurance policy (GUL) is designed to meet your long-term insurance needs by offering a blend of affordability and reliability without the investment complexities found in other life insurance products. With fixed premiums and the promise of lifelong coverage, a GUL policy ensures financial stability and peace of mind for you and […] Read more