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We tend to think of life insurance in terms of protecting other people who rely on us financially. You might already have a policy to protect your family if anything happens to you. But, while this is a tremendously important purpose of life insurance, it is not the only purpose. In some instances, you need […] Read more

When you have a family, you have people you can rely on and who rely on you.  It’s a beautiful reciprocal relationship, but it comes with some obligations – notably including the responsibility to support your family financially. Supporting your family financially means making sure there’s food on the table and the bills get paid, […] Read more

Here at I&E, we’ll often get calls from folks who have just recently had a life insurance application denied.  Now there are a lot or reasons why an individual may be denied a life insurance policy.  Some folks may be denied due to some type of heath issue such as: Cancer, Heart disease, or Diabetes. […] Read more

The Importance of Life Insurance To understand why life insurance coverage is important it helps to use the visualization process: picture what would happen to your loved ones if you were not around. Who would pay the mortgage? Would there be sufficient funding to send the kids to a good school? Would there be enough […] Read more

In our experiences here at I&E, what we’ve found to usually be the case is that if someone is “inquiring” about what the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is it’s probably because you’ve already applied for a life insurance policy and you have been told that there is something in your MIB report that is affecting […] Read more

If you’ve done a bit of research online about how to save money on life insurance, we’re sure you’ve already read several articles telling you that you can save a ton of money by: Buying life insurance while your young. Quitting smoking. Losing weight. Buying term life insurance vs whole life insurance. ETC… Which is […] Read more

In the following article we will address a couple common questions. First, we will answer the question “Can you have multiple life insurance policies?” Second, we will also address the question of how many life insurance policies you can have. And we promise to provide answers that are different than perhaps every other website out […] Read more

Most of the time when we have a client in their 70s call us looking for life insurance, it’s usually because one of two things just occurred. Either… They just had a term life insurance policy expire or is nearing its expiration, or they just became aware of just how expensive a burial can be […] Read more

In this article we wanted to take a moment and discuss a few situations where someone in their 60s might be better served by purchasing a whole life insurance policy rather than a term policy. Now our intention here… Is not to try and “sell” you on the idea of purchasing a whole life insurance […] Read more

In this article we wanted to take a moment and discuss why it might be a good idea to purchase a whole life insurance policy while you are in your 50s. What we’re not going to do… Is try and “sell” you on the idea that you “MUST” buy a whole life insurance policy. Rather, […] Read more