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If you’re considering leveraging your assets to secure a loan, your life insurance policy might hold untapped potential as collateral. This strategic move can offer you a pathway to obtain the financing you need without risking your home or other valuable assets. It’s a method that not only provides lenders with the assurance of repayment […] Read more

Life Insurance Statistics Coverage trends that could provide you with even more protection! Around half of American families would have a difficult time financially if the primary wage earner were to die. Replacing the primary income in a household is just one of the many ways that life insurance can provide a financial safety net […] Read more

The following article covers all things related to life insurance proceeds. The following topics will be covered. What Happens to Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds? Where Do Unclaimed Life Insurance Proceeds Go? How to Learn About and Access Unclaimed Life Insurance Funds The Model Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act The Best Life Insurance for Long-Term Needs […] Read more

The number one danger to building wealth and creating a legacy is death and taxes. The good news is that permanent life insurance provides protection against both. In the following article, we do a deep dive into life insurance taxation to help you make a more informed decision about how you can best secure your […] Read more

People buy life insurance for a multitude of different reasons. These can include income replacement, debt payoff, business succession funding, and/or the payment of a funeral and other final expenses of the insured. Depending on how long it takes to receive a life insurance death benefit can be a primary factor in whether or not […] Read more

We put together the following life insurance statistics and facts to help our readers get a better grasp of just how big the life insurance marketplace is, and to get a better understanding of why choosing a highly rated life insurance company is important when deciding on what carrier to buy life insurance with. Life […] Read more

Since it made its grand entrance into the U.S. in early 2020, COVID-19 has impacted a multitude of industries – and not surprisingly, life insurance has been one of the hardest hit. Given its rapid and rising death toll, the Coronavirus (and its array of variants) has led to record death benefit payouts for insurers. […] Read more

Life insurance payouts increased in 2020 to a record high.  Reportedly, death benefits reached levels not seen since the 1918 flu pandemic.  Whether this is a reflection of COVID-19 or other factors (such as the aging baby boomer population in general) is a matter of some debate.  In any event, that statistic represents a 15% […] Read more

So, what is the best life insurance for young adults? Is it term life or whole life? At I&E, our goal is to align each client with the product and company that best suits your need, based on your unique goals and objectives. Life Insurance Rates for Young Adults The following life insurance rates by […] Read more

We tend to think of settlement of a life insurance policy as when the insurance company pays out the policy’s death benefit upon the insured’s death.  And that’s right as far as it goes.  But that’s not the only way a life insurance policy can be “settled”. Which is why… We wanted to take a […] Read more