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Cash Value Life Insurance

Welcome to Insurance and Estates. We specialize in permanent life insurance for foreign nationals and non U.S. residents. The following article touches on many of the requirements necessary for eligibility. If you have any questions on the content below or would like to inquire into your specific eligibility, please get in contact with us today. […] Read More

Here at I&E, we ask the question, “What if you use can cash value life insurance for something more powerful than only death insurance?” What if you could fund a permanent cash value life insurance policy that would further multiple financial and risk management goals, such as building a retirement plan, covering disability insurance, providing […] Read More

We hope to bring about a new perspective when deciding on the best life insurance policy for children. This perspective posits life insurance as different than death insurance. If you take the time we hope to reshape how you view life insurance for kids and why it may be the best decision for the financial […] Read More

Borrowing From Your Life Insurance Policy’s Cash Value One of the benefits of cash value life insurance such as whole life and universal life is the ability to take out a life insurance loan against the cash value of your account. This has been termed “borrowing from yourself,” and while the interest you pay on […] Read More

The following guest post is about life insurance for women. According to LIMRA, life insurance ownership for women is at 56%, about 10% below the ownership for men. Further, total death benefit coverage falls short with women as well, as life insurance policies for women have 22% lower death benefits than men. To put this […] Read More

At I&E, we focus on combining both the benefits of a properly designed permanent life insurance policy with a properly designed estate plan. The benefit is a tailored asset protection plan, that builds wealth and leaves a legacy. One such tool to accomplish this goal is through the use of a second to die insurance […] Read More

The life insurance retirement plan, AKA LIRP, is a powerful financial tool that has many pros and is has been used by millions of Americans to secure and protect their way of living throughout their lifetime and beyond. In the highly competitive financial services sector you will hear advice for 100 different products and strategies, […] Read More

If you search the internet for comparing life insurance vs. 529 plan for college savings, and in particular whole life insurance, you’ll find polarizing viewpoints. Half of the resources love whole life insurance as a vehicle to save for college, and provide compelling arguments. The other half suggest that whole life insurance is not ideal for […] Read More

For those of you that are familiar with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), or happen to know a little about the tax advantages of life insurance contracts, you probably know that IRC section 7702 defines the type of life insurance contract that receives tax advantages. A “7702 Plan” or “7702 Private Plan” in common terms […] Read More

High net worth means different things to different people. To an average household, high net worth may be viewed as someone with a few million stashed away. For wealthier households, the perception may be that only the top 1% with assets in the tens of millions are really defined as high net worth (HNW). When […] Read More