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Cash Value Life Insurance

Most of us have a sense that our lives have inherent value. I attribute this, at least in part, to the culture of life that is part of our heritage as Americans. However, how often do we consider what the value of our life is or that of others? Perhaps we assume that this is […] Read More

“Be Your Own Bank” is another way to refer to Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept: Becoming Your Own Banker®. To be your own bank means you replace conventional thinking and take back control of your money outside of Wall Street. In the following article we will discuss how you can be your own bank and […] Read More

Buy term and invest the difference (BTID) is a popular mantra of virtually everyone in the investment world, personal finance blogs, life insurance agents and YouTube comments section. But if you are like me, when everyone is saying the same thing I have to question the validity of the thing. So, in the following article […] Read More

In the following article, we will provide our readers with insight into the ever raging battle between term life vs whole life insurance. If you are not familiar with us, we are huge advocates of whole life insurance. If you are looking for a contrarian view of this debate that does not parrot the same […] Read More

You finally decided that permanent cash value life insurance was the right product for you. Your painstaking research ended, and you now feel excited to jump in with both feet. And then someone asks the question: “Are you getting Whole Life or Universal Life?” Great! Here we go again. That’s frequently the thought that many […] Read More

What is an Executive Bonus Plan, also known as an IRS Section 162 Plan? A section 162 executive bonus plan provides a way to give executives within a businesses or corporation additional benefits, typically funded with life insurance, as a way to further incentivize specific executives individually chosen by the company. (1) A typical executive […] Read More

Overfunded life insurance (OLI) is a popular option for anyone looking to build substantial savings in a tax-favored account, via cash value life insurance. Also known as a LIRP life insurance retirement plan, these OLI policies are designed to offer maximum early high cash value along with the asset protection and tax benefits of life […] Read More

The Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider, AKA the Guaranteed Purchase Option Rider, AKA Guaranteed Insurability Rider is an excellent addition when considering life insurance for children or young adults. In the following article on the GIO Rider, we will unpack what it is, who should get it and how much it will cost to add to […] Read More

John Hancock is certainly one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. and continues to lead the way in innovation with the John Hancock Vitality Program. In this John Hancock review we will take a closer look at the various life insurance policies offered, as well as the Company’s history, financials and ratings. […] Read More

Rather than surrender your life insurance policy for the cash surrender value, there is a market available that allows you to sell your life insurance policy for cash, for potentially greater amounts of money than had you chosen to surrender the policy to the life insurance company. In the following article, we will briefly touch […] Read More