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Cash Value Life Insurance

The focus of the following article is on getting you familiar with our current crop of the top permanent life insurance companies. As with all our top life insurance companies lists, it is a fluid one, subject to change at our whim based on the different product offerings available in the marketplace. We focus on […] Read More

In our continuing series on the infinite banking concept® we wanted to lay out a framework of how banking with life insurance actually works. If you are already convinced that using life insurance as your own personal bank is the way to go, then why not give us a call today for a free consultation. […] Read More

A key ingredient in any plan focused on wealth building and legacy creation is estate preservation. And one of the best methods of estate preservation is long-term care planning. Genworth Financial is one of a few pure long-term care insurance companies left in the market. In the following Genworth long-term care insurance review, we will […] Read More

Retirement planning with whole life insurance is a powerful “holistic” strategy that should, at a minimum, be included as a integral part of a plan that includes other “traditional” retirement planning components.  “Holistic” emphasizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts… In other words, focusing only on one part of planning, such […] Read More

The long-term care insurance (LTCI) marketplace has been in a consolidation period over the last few years. What once saw many companies offering LTCI, there are now just a handful of providers. Among them, Mutual of Omaha (MOO) is one of the best long-term care insurance companies available. In the following Mutual of Omaha long-term […] Read More

The Tax Benefits of the 1035 Exchange It isn’t too common to hear folks say “I’m going to spend the day today looking for a good 1035 exchange to make my retirement plan more complete.” The reason being, a 1035 exchange is just what it says it is, an “exchange” of one asset such as […] Read More

We are all influenced by the daily messages that we receive and yet the messages may be incomplete or wholly inaccurate.   This pattern can lead to misconceptions about many things. For this reason, it is all too common to let misconceptions cloud any meaningful discussion of whole life insurance. When we’re talking about whole life insurance, it requires some re-thinking about how […] Read More

The Modified Endowment Contract (MEC) can be your worst enemy, or your best friend. If we look at what it is, how to avoid it if necessary, and how to use it when needed, we’ll be much more capable of keeping our permanent insurance policies working for us in a powerful way. In order to […] Read More

MassMutual is one of our top 10 best life insurance companies. In the following review of MassMutual, we will address the pros and cons of the company, including its history, ratings, strengths, policies, and benefits. Review of MassMutual Life Insurance Although this review is primarily focused on MassMutual Whole Life Insurance, when reviewing any life […] Read More

The following article is a more comprehensive look at permanent coverage in support of our article featuring the Top 20 Best Permanent Life Insurance Companies. Composing such a list and knowing which companies are the so called “best” will vary depending on the type of permanent life insurance needed. Because the best life insurance company for you will depend […] Read More