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Term Life Introduction

Hello, we at I&E are glad you took a moment to stop on by. You may be among the many that realize there is a problem with the status quo financial advice we have been given.
The Problem: A volatile stock market and potential losses, an unknown future due to lack of specific planning, the high likelihood of potential future tax increases, and the fear of not having enough money for retirement.

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Term Life Articles

The Best Convertible Term Life Insurance [#1 Reason You Must Have It]
convertible life insuranceAt I&E, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all product out there that can be considered the best life insurance policy. In fact, we frequently recommend different insurance products based on each client’s specific needs, goals and objectives.
Top 10 Best Term Life Insurance Companies [The Definitive Guide to Finding the Right Policy for You]
term life insurance policyTerm life insurance is a very important part of a financial plan. At I&E, we will often recommend term insurance, even if it simply means we are using it to blend with a whole life insurance policy. In the following article we will cover all things term life insurance, as well as list our top picks for the best companies.
Buy Term and Invest the Difference [Your Comprehensive Guide to BTID]
should you buy term or whole life insuranceWhat is Buy Term and Invest the Difference, AKA BTID? Simply put, it is choosing to buy an initially cheaper term insurance policy vs whole life, since the latter requires more capital investment by you. You then invest the difference between your term insurance premium and what you would have paid for the permanent insurance coverage.
Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance [Why Talking With The Right Agent Matters for You]
term life vs whole lifeAre you buying term life because it’s the best choice for you or because your agent doesn’t understand whole life insurance? The sad reality is, many in both the financial market and insurance market have embraced the idea that the only life insurance worth your time and money is term life insurance.
Best Life Insurance Rates by Age With Charts [Term and Whole]
life insurance rates by ageAre you looking to purchase life insurance, but aren’t ready to speak with an agent yet? Do you wish you could get a general idea about what it might cost to purchase a life insurance policy without having to give someone your phone number or email address?

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