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IUL Introduction

Hello, we at I&E are glad you took a moment to stop on by. You may be among the many that realize there is a problem with the status quo financial advice we have been given.
The Problem: A volatile stock market and potential losses, an unknown future due to lack of specific planning, the high likelihood of potential future tax increases, and the fear of not having enough money for retirement.

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Indexed Universal Life Articles

Indexed Universal Life Insurance [Top 15 Pros and Cons of an IUL]
Indexed Universal Life pros and consWhat better way to provide you with financial peace of mind when the market is crashing than an IUL policy? Every stock market melt down is a great example of why indexed universal life insurance is such a fantastic tool for building and protecting wealth, all wrapped up in a tax favored vehicle.
Top 10 Best Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance Companies
indexed universal life insuranceThe following article we will help shed some light on which companies offer the best IULs, what are the many benefits indexed universal life provides, as well as list some of the potential pitfalls you should be aware of.
LIRP – 11 Life Insurance Retirement Plan Pros and Cons
life insurance retirement planThe life insurance retirement plan, AKA LIRP, is a powerful financial tool that offers many benefits and has been used by millions of Americans to protect and secure their financial future.
Variable Universal Life vs Indexed Universal Life (VUL vs IUL)Variable universal life vs indexed universal lifeIn the following article we will compare and contrast IUL insurance vs VUL insurance, highlighting the key similarities and differences between these different life insurance policies. Our goal is to help you discover what the best life insurance is for you, based on how your unique goals and objectives align with each of these insurance contracts.
Look Before You LIRP – Book Review
If you’re interested in learning about the 0% tax “bucket” and other retirement saving strategies, you owe it to yourself to read Look Before You LIRP by David McKnight. LIRP stands for Life Insurance Retirement Plan, and in the book McKnight identifies what he believes to be the best type of LIRP available today.
Top 25 Highest Rated Insurance Companies in 2022
highest rated insurance companiesThere are four ratings agencies you need to be aware of when you are evaluating the best life insurance companies in terms of overall financial health. Understanding the life insurance company ratings will help you make the tough decision on which one of the many life insurance companies available is going to be the right fit for you.

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