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What better way to provide you with financial peace of mind when the market is crashing than an IUL policy? The current stock market melt down is a great example of why indexed universal life insurance is such a fantastic tool for building and maintaining wealth, all wrapped up in a tax favored vehicle. If […] Read more

Here at I&E, we’ll often get calls from folks who are already committed to the idea of implementing the Infinite Banking Concept® (IBC) in their life, but they’re just not sure how to go about getting it done. In most cases… The problem lies in the fact that most haven’t met the “right” insurance expert […] Read more

Like most financial topics, premium financing life insurance lends itself to a variety of opinions, perhaps resulting from salesmanship or misinformation. After all, huge life insurance deals may depend upon whether folks think this is a good or terrible idea. If you’ve heard anything about this topic by the time you’ve arrived on this page, […] Read more

What is Survivorship Life Insurance? Survivorship life insurance DEFINITION: also known as a Second to Die policy, survivorship life insurance a joint permanent life insurance policy that pays out upon the death of all insured parties. Typically this type of joint insurance is on a husband and wife, and the policy death benefit is paid […] Read more

The life insurance retirement plan, AKA LIRP, is a powerful financial tool that has many pros and is has been used by millions of Americans to secure and protect their way of living throughout their lifetime and beyond. In the highly competitive financial services sector you will hear advice for 100 different products and strategies, […] Read more

If you happen to be looking for the best life insurance companies that offer the opportunity to build high early cash value you’ll want to be familiar with the Paid Up Additions rider (PUA or PUAR). This rider, also known as an enricher rider, or additional life insurance rider, is an essential component of a […] Read more

In this article, we here at I&E wanted to take a moment and discuss how purchasing a life insurance policy for your child can actually be one of the best decisions you can make for him or her and their financial future, provided that you decide to purchase the “right” kind of life insurance. You […] Read more

Having already wrote a comprehensive article on 401k withdrawals rules, the focus in the following article will be on 401k pros and cons, including the history of the plan and why it is that virtually all working class Americans are participants. The primary theme throughout this article is to help answer the question of whether […] Read more

Infinite Banking has been happening for more than a century, but the term itself was popularized by Nelson Nash in his influential book “Becoming Your Own Banker®.” The short book (around 90 pages) was published in 2000 after Nelson Nash had been practicing the process for around 20 years. In this article, we have attempted […] Read more

The following life insurance rates by age charts are for someone in their 60s in excellent health, with no other risk factors. The life insurance quotes provided are from top rated life insurance companies rated by AM Best with an A- rating and higher. Term Life Insurance Rates in Your 60s Whole Life Insurance Rates […] Read more