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Customer Reviews


I had (and continue to have) a great experience working with Denise Boisvert. She recently helped me complete the 1035 exchange process for an existing IBC-based whole life insurance policy that I have. What I appreciate the most is that she was there at the beginning to guide and advise me, answered any questions I […] Read more

Denise is extremely helpful in my selection of the insurance policy. She set up a time with me to explain the different options of the insurance, and the feature of the policies. I feel like she really listen to my needs and found a policy that fit my request. She is also good at communicating […] Read more

I had an amazing experience with Denise Boisvert! She was very informative and made the process of applying very easy and straightforward. Thank you Denise […] Read more

Denise Boisvert was such a professional. She has explained clearly to us all available options and answered all of our questions and we learned so much in the process. Thank You so much Denise […] Read more