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If you’re stressed about your finances; let me tell you, my early financial life was anything but a smooth ride. Picture this: the inevitable ups and downs of my dad’s real estate business shaping my financial destiny. It was like being on a rollercoaster, but without the fun. But fear not! I found my way to the “safer” profession of law, where I learned some crucial principles that changed my perspective on building wealth. Contracts became my new best friends, and I realized that our entire economic system operates on these crafty little documents. Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

My uncle Jake, the wise financial practitioner, introduced me to both offense and defense in financial decision making. He explained that most people only focus on making money (offense), but he showed me the importance of protecting what you have (defense). At first, I was skeptical about his whole life insurance recommendation. But it all clicked years later when I discovered Nelson Nash’s infinite banking concept. Understanding Nash’s concept inspired me to embark on a new mission to educate people on the art of recapturing their hard-earned money and turning it into an endless stream of wealth building momentum. “The Intentional Wealth Effect” is a culmination of this mission to date, harnessing the philosophical and practical lessons that took me many years to recognize. I hope it inspires you in your learning process.

The Intentional Wealth Effect