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FAQ or Frequently asked questionsIs Insurance & Estate Strategies a law firm?

No. The company was founded by Steven Gibbs who is an experienced estate planning attorney and licensed insurance agent. The focus of the company is providing appropriate, effective strategic life insurance coaching and policies as well as consulting with clients throughout the process to assure that the estate planning strategy and documents will effectively correlate with the insurance plan.

Does Insurance & Estate Strategies provide legal documents?

No. Steven Gibbs is experienced in having practiced estate planning for years and part of the process is a complete review and discussion of what has been established to date. For updates to current documents or if no estate documents have been prepared, Steven will refer a locally licensed, vetted and experienced estate planning lawyer, to work in cooperation with Steven’s team to assure that all client goals are met. Of course, clients are welcome to select their own estate attorney and Steven’s team will work directly with them as well.

Does Insurance & Estate Strategies do financial planning?

Carefully tailored whole life insurance policies are a financial planning strategy and this is the focus of Insurance & Estate Strategies.  Strategic self banking with whole life insurance is a key emphasis although not an exclusive strategy promoted by the team.

How much Life Insurance do I need?

A general rule of them is a death benefit to equal at least five years of earning potential.  It is easy to neglect life insurance by not thinking about how difficult it will be to replace your income, or that of your spouse or a key employee. Our team will guide you through an evaluation process to discover the amount of life insurance that is appropriate and feasible for you and your loved ones.

Is Whole Life Insurance a good investment?

Absolutely.  While some financial professionals emphasize “buying term life and investing the difference” we have observed the volatility of the markets in recent years and there is a reason why the portfolios of largest companies and wealthiest individuals always include cash value life insurance. It is a highly stable and profitable investment for most people in the long term. Also, whole life insurance offers some top asset protection benefits depending upon your state of residence.

In addition, a properly structured policy used for infinite banking can create unparalleled wealth and legacy planning like no other financial vehicle.

Is Universal Life a better investment?

Although this is a matter of diverse opinions, this investment is generally more speculative due to the lower guaranty of policy performance.  Of course, there may be circumstances where this is an appropriate policy choice. Prior to purchasing any insurance, a full analysis of the pros and cons should be reviewed to assure that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available products.

Does Insurance & Estate Strategies sell other types of insurance such as health or liability coverage?

No. Insurance & Estate Strategies is fully committed to the estate planning community and the types of insurance products that are associated with estate planning, estate tax planning, business planning, business succession planning, and asset protection. So we do NOT focus on health insurance, long term care (with the exception of a long term care rider on a life policy), property and casualty or other kinds of liability insurance.