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Asset Protection

How Business Owners Can Protect Their Assets Entrepreneurs and small business owners face a variety of financial threats, ranging from the liability risk that comes with interacting with the public to dangers like recession, or an accident that impairs their ability to operate their business. Aside from general risks such as an economic downturn or […] Read more

How to Protect Wealth When the Fed Is Raising Rates The low interest rate environment of recent decades appears to be on the way out. While rates may not currently be high by historical standards, they are nevertheless significantly above where they were just a year or so ago. With the Federal Reserve vowing to […] Read more

As often noted, a primary residence is the most valuable asset most Americans possess.  Losing a home to creditors or in a bankruptcy case can be devastating. The homeowner not only suffers the financial setback of losing the wealth built up in the property, but also the emotional toll of being forced to leave home […] Read more

Asset protection is NOT just for business owners. It reaches into all aspects of wealth preservation and estate planning. However, you might say that business owners are on the front lines of this battle because the act of offering services to the general public can be a risky proposition. So, this article will focus on […] Read more

Whether you are a business owner or you are concerned about your estate, proper asset protection planning is essential. We addressed asset protection for business owners in another article. Here we plan on giving a bird’s eye view of asset protection planning to create awareness of the many areas of your financial kingdom that may […] Read more