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Long Term Care Insurance

At I&E, we specialize in helping our clients find the best insurance company for their needs, whether that be cash value life insurance, long term care insurance, or a mixture of both. In the following article we will take a deep dive into long term care insurance to help you locate a company, as well […] Read more

At I&E, we are equally concerned with wealth preservation as we are with wealth creation. After all, what is the point of spending your lifetime creating wealth only to see it evaporate due to long-term care costs. And with rising health insurance rates and the limitations of medicaid, we believe it is important for many […] Read more

Actor Harrison Ford recently quipped, “you know you’re getting old when all the names in your black book have ‘M.D.’ after them.”  It’s a funny one-liner, but it also raises an undeniable point – the older you get, the more healthcare you are likely to need.  And, for three out of every four Americans who […] Read more

In a nutshell, Asset Based Long Term Care Insurance is an innovative insurance strategy that provides coverage for long-term care expenses without running the risk of “wasting” premiums if you don’t need long-term care. It’s “asset-based” because you’re leveraging the value of an existing asset – generally a cash value insurance policy or annuity – as […] Read more

There are many long-term care insurance pros and cons to consider before you elect to purchase or forego coverage. We have done our best to put together a pros and cons list that addresses the main issues you need to ponder before making a decision on whether or not long-term care insurance is worth it […] Read more

AT I&E, we make it our goal to stay up to date on the LTC marketplace to help our visitors and clients locate the best long term care insurance companies. We believe education is in large part the most important factor for anyone who is deciding on getting a long-term care insurance. Therefore, it is […] Read more

A key ingredient in any plan focused on wealth building and legacy creation is estate preservation. And one of the best methods of estate preservation is long-term care planning. Genworth Financial is one of a few pure long-term care insurance companies left in the market. In the following Genworth long-term care insurance review, we will […] Read more

Long term care costs are arguably the most critical risk to you, your loved ones and your estate. Yet many people aren’t aware of the asset protection benefits that are made available by the federal government to the states through long term care partnership programs. In an nutshell, the Federal Deficit Reduction Act provides asset […] Read more

The long-term care insurance (LTCI) marketplace has been in a consolidation period over the last few years. What once saw many companies offering LTCI, there are now just a handful of providers. Among them, Mutual of Omaha (MOO) is one of the best long-term care insurance companies available. In the following Mutual of Omaha long-term […] Read more

We’ve been emphasizing a number of long term care insurance topics lately because this is an absolutely essential area for wealth preservation. We are committed to wealth building through life insurance strategies, and these two core values (wealth preservation and wealth building) converge at the vortex of cash value life insurance and Medicaid spend down […] Read more