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Term Life Insurance

Here at I&E, we understand that when most folks are looking to purchase a Term Life Insurance policy, what they’re really looking to do is to try and find the most affordable life insurance policy, which will protect their loved ones during the most “vulnerable” time of their lives. And in most cases… This means […] Read more

Novelist Terry Pratchett popularized a concept long familiar to economists and now known as the “boots theory of economics” (or, less pithily, the “boots theory of socioeconomic inequality”). In short, if you pay $100 for a pair of boots that lasts you twenty years, you got a better deal than if you pay $20 for […] Read more

Most people looking to buy term life insurance want the best deal they can find. The problem is, the advertised 20 year term life insurance rates provided in the commercials are not always the rates you will end up with. The reason is, there are a lot of variables that go into finding the lowest […] Read more

Are you looking to purchase life insurance, but aren’t ready to speak with an agent yet? Do you wish you could get a general idea about what it might cost to purchase a life insurance policy without having to give someone your phone number or email address? We’ll if so, you’ve come to the right […] Read more

If you are looking to buy 10 year term life insurance than chances are you are concerned about getting the most affordable coverage available, from a highly rated company. Finding the best term life insurance rates is not always as easy as doing a google search and clicking on the first option available. That is […] Read more

Buy term and invest the difference (BTID) is a popular mantra of virtually everyone in the investment world, personal finance blogs, life insurance agents, and YouTube comments section. But if you are like us, when everyone is saying the same thing you have to question the validity of the “thing”. So, in the following article […] Read more

At I&E, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all product out there that can be considered the best life insurance policy. In fact, we frequently recommend different insurance products based on each client’s specific needs, goals and objectives. The following article covers convertible term life insurance: what is it, who needs it and why one […] Read more

CLARK HOWARD: ‘BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE’ “Buy term and invest the difference” is the current conventional wisdom when it comes to life insurance.  In fact, the advice is so popular that it has its own acronym:  BTID. Quite a few media personalities in the world of consumer finance have come out in favor […] Read more

At I&E, we promote ideas that are outside of the mainstream consensus that you should park all your money with Wall St in the form of stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Rather, we advocate that you regain control of your money through personal stewardship and responsibility. That is why we write these articles on financial […] Read more

Return of Premium Life Insurance, aka ROP insurance, aka ROP rider, has its place in the life insurance marketplace. In the following article we will discuss the pros and cons of return of premium life insurance, who should buy ROP insurance and why. Return of Premium Term Life Insurance In a previous article we extolled […] Read more