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Term Life Insurance

There are many reasons why life insurance can be an essential component of a financial or retirement plan. Some people purchase it for the death benefit it provides, and others rely on the tax deferred cash value build-up to supplement their savings. Not all life insurance policies are exactly the same, though. So, it is […] Read more

Term life insurance is a very important part of a financial plan. At I&E, we will often recommend term insurance, even if it simply means we are using it to blend with a whole life insurance policy. In the following article we will cover all things term life insurance, as well as list our top […] Read more

Here at I&E, we understand that when most folks are looking to purchase a Term Life Insurance policy, what they’re really looking to do is to try and find the most affordable life insurance policy, which will protect their loved ones during the most “vulnerable” time of their lives. And in most cases… This means […] Read more

At I&E, we offer both exam and no exam term life insurance options. In the following review article, we provide the best term life insurance rates available for $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000 of coverage below. All the sample rates below are from top rated insurance companies. You can click the button up top to switch […] Read more

Most people looking to buy term life insurance want the best deal they can find. The problem is, the advertised 20 year term life insurance rates provided in the commercials are not always the rates you will end up with. The reason is, there are a lot of variables that go into finding the lowest […] Read more

Are you looking to purchase life insurance, but aren’t ready to speak with an agent yet? Do you wish you could get a general idea about what it might cost to purchase a life insurance policy without having to give someone your phone number or email address? We’ll if so, you’ve come to the right […] Read more

If you are looking to buy 10 year term life insurance than chances are you are concerned about getting the most affordable coverage available, from a highly rated company. Finding the best term life insurance rates is not always as easy as doing a google search and clicking on the first option available. That is […] Read more

What is Buy Term and Invest the Difference, AKA BTID? Simply put, it is choosing to buy an initially cheaper term insurance policy vs whole life, since the latter requires more capital investment initially. You are then instructed to invest the difference between what you will pay for your term insurance premium versus what you […] Read more

The following article covers convertible term life insurance: what is it, who needs it and why one day you would want to convert your term policy to either whole life or universal life. What is Term Life Insurance? When talking about term life it is important to distinguish it from the other type of coverage, […] Read more

CLARK HOWARD: ‘BUY TERM AND INVEST THE DIFFERENCE’ “Buy term and invest the difference” is the current conventional wisdom when it comes to life insurance.  In fact, the advice is so popular that it has its own acronym:  BTID. Quite a few media personalities in the world of consumer finance have come out in favor […] Read more