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Long Term Care Rider

The conventional way to conceive of life insurance is as a financial failsafe protecting loved ones in the event of untimely death. In this model, life insurance is a contingent asset—a hedge against a major risk—and its principle purpose is income replacement. If your family depends on your earning capacity and tragedy strikes, you want […] Read more

Asset Based Long Term Care Insurance is an innovative insurance strategy that provides coverage for long-term care expenses without running the risk of “wasting” premiums if you don’t need long-term care. It’s “asset-based” because you’re leveraging the value of an existing asset – generally a cash value insurance policy or annuity – as a means […] Read more

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll tackle the nuances of Long Term Care Riders versus Chronic Illness Riders, highlighting the critical distinctions essential for crafting a tailored insurance plan from the leading long-term care insurance providers. Whether you’re exploring options for life insurance with a Long Term Care Rider or a Chronic Illness Rider, you will […] Read more