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Roughly one-quarter of newly issued life insurance policies have a waiver of premium rider. That makes the WOP rider the #1 added on rider of the various life insurance riders available. So, what is the waiver of premium rider and why do so many people choose to add it to their policy? Before we answer […] Read more

The Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider, AKA the Guaranteed Purchase Option Rider, AKA Guaranteed Insurability Rider, is an excellent addition when considering life insurance for children or young adults. In the following article on the GIO Rider, we will unpack what it is, who should get it and how much it will cost to add to […] Read more

At I&E, we take a unique approach of combining life insurance together with estate planning in a comprehensive, holistic way that focuses on wealth building and legacy creation. This approach uses life insurance and the different life insurance riders available to maximize your policy, based on your unique goals, needs and objectives. Life Insurance Policy […] Read more