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Be Your Own Bank

The following webinar and transcript is based on the Maximum Potential Earnings Calculator. The calculator shows your potential lifetime income, (basically all the money that will pass through your hands in your lifetime), as well as demonstrate the detrimental effects of taxes and debt service on your total potential income. You will be amazed at […] Read more

The following is a transcript from our webinar titled Using the Infinite Banking Concept for Estate Planning [Asset Protection and Tax Benefits] The primary focus of this webinar deals with estate planning best practices and how infinite banking can help you accomplish three primary estate planning goals: Asset Protection, Tax Protection, and Legacy Creation. You […] Read more

“Be Your Own Bank” is another way to refer to Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept: Becoming Your Own Banker®. To be your own bank means you replace conventional thinking and take back control of your money outside of Wall Street. In the following article we will discuss how you can be your own bank and […] Read more