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What Is a Testamentary Trust? A testamentary trust is an estate planning device which creates a trust pursuant to a person’s will upon that person’s death. The testamentary trust does not come into being until the grantor’s death, when a trust is created to hold some or all of the decedent’s assets and property, however […] Read more

What Is a Pour Over Will? A pour over will is a type of estate planning tool that involves both an existing trust as well as a regular last will and testament. The mechanics of the process with a pour over will are that the person’s assets and property are placed into an already existing […] Read more

Why Do I Even Need a Will? Most surveys find that more than half of American adults do not have a written will.  Wills are something that everyone is always told they need, but very few people actually understand why it is so important to have a valid will. (1) At its most basic level, […] Read more

Will contests (legal actions to contest a will) tend to make headlines, particularly in scenarios where a rich widow may have changed her will to give millions to a non-relative caregiver at the end of her life at the expense of her children.  These types of stories often provoke will contests between the new beneficiaries […] Read more

Any estate planning checklist should include the creation of a valid Will. The following article is taken from the perspective of an estate planning attorney and the various objections he encounters from individuals who do not see the need for a will. WILLS: WHY YOU THINK YOU DON’T NEED THEM AND WHY YOU REALLY DO […] Read more