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Revocable Living Trust

You finally have that Living Trust you’ve known you have needed for a long time. So now what? One of the most important tasks after the creation of your trust is learning how to fund a living trust, which includes properly titling and transferring your assets into your trust. Otherwise, all your trustees and beneficiaries […] Read more

Which of the two most common estate plans is best for you, a revocable living trust or a will? In the following article covering Wills vs Revocable Living Trusts, we will show how each plan is alike, and then provide examples of the differences between the two different estate planning vehicles. Benefits of Both Wills […] Read more

To begin to understand revocable vs. irrevocable trusts you first need to know first what a trust is AND how it works. This article will review some trust basics and then will dive into the pros and cons of revocable vs. irrevocable trusts for you or your favorite clients. A Trust is An Agreement A trust is an […] Read more