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Estate planning

California Wills and Trust Requirements

There are many differences to be aware of when considering a will vs a trust for estate planning. In the following article, we will touch on the various requirements of a will and trust set forth by California statute. Statutory Authority. Wills:  Cal. Prob. Code §§6100, et. seq. (Division 6) Trusts:  Cal. Prob. Code §§15000, […] Read more

Florida Wills and Trust Requirements

When deciding between a will or trust it is necessary to understand the differences between each, specifically how each varies for the specific state you reside in. Statutory Authority. Florida Probate Code (Title XLII; Fla. Stat. §§731.005, et. seq.). Wills:  Chapter 732 (Fla. Stat. §§732.501, et. seq.). Florida Trust Code (Title XLII; Fla. Stat. §§736.0101, […] Read more

It’s tempting to think of charitable donations and bequests to heirs as a zero-sum, either/or proposition.  There’s a finite amount of wealth to be distributed, and every dollar that goes one place can’t also go somewhere else. Now, to a certain extent, that’s an unavoidable constraint.  However, when you bring life insurance into the mix, […] Read more

Deciding how to structure life insurance can be one of the most important choices you make in your estate plan.  Along with providing for your loved ones, a well-planned life insurance policy can help you avoid probate, reduce taxes, and protect key assets. And, because life insurance has a significant impact on how your estate […] Read more

We’ve all heard the expression, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” and naturally this applies to your estate planning. But what is estate planning and what does it mean to have an estate plan? What is Estate Planning? Defining what an “estate” is will be the best place to start when focusing on what […] Read more

What Is the Trustee of a Trust?  What Are His Or Her Duties?  Who Should I Consider When Deciding Who Will Serve as the Trustee of My Trust?  What Is a Trustee and a Successor Trustee? A trust is basically a way to organize and direct your estate plan and a trust may be created as […] Read more

It has been our experience here at I&E that most folks are aware that Living Trusts are a powerful estate planning tool.  But the problem is that for most, this may be as far as they’ve gotten towards actually moving forward and beginning the process of creating one. Which is why…. One of the first […] Read more

Recent Celebrity Deaths Show the Need for Comprehensive Estate Planning Several well known celebrities have died in recent months, some leaving behind well planned wills and estate plans and, in other instances, the celebrity’s death can serve as an example of what chaos can potentially ensue when someone dies intestate, or without a will, particularly […] Read more

Last Will and Testament

Defining Last Will and Testament A last will and testament is a legal document that expresses the desires of a decedent (someone who has died) as to what will happen to his or her property and assets upon his or her death. In order for a will to be legally valid it must spell out […] Read more

How To Create a Living Trust A revocable living trust allows you to set up a plan that protects your estate both in life and in death. In life, the living trust allows your trustee to take charge of your estate if you are diagnosed as incapacitated. In death, your living trust allows your chosen […] Read more