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When was the last time you had a professional review of your Life Insurance Policy or Annuity? Chances are, probably never! But don’t feel so bad, because we’d be willing to hazard a guess that most folks rarely revisit their life insurance policy or annuity until some time in the future when some event warrants […] Read more

At I&E we do our best to stay on top of the best life insurance companies and annuity providers in the country. One insurance company that recently appeared on our radar was American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company based on the insurance provider’s great product line of annuities. In the following American Equity review, we […] Read more

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity? Charitable Gift Annuities (“CGA”) offer a practical means of giving back to your alma mater or supporting a charity dear to your heart while guarantying a predictable revenue stream during retirement. When you fund a CGA, you’re entering into a long-term contract with a charitable institution.  You agree to […] Read more

The following article will provide you with a thorough understanding of an immediate annuity and provide you with tips and strategies to find the best immediate annuity for your unique situation. Immediate Annuities You’ve worked hard all your life, and retirement time is fast approaching.  You’ve been frugal and diligently saved up a respectable nest […] Read more

Using Annuities for Structured Settlements

A large, lump-sum settlement of a legal claim can seem like manna from heaven.  You can take care of unpaid medical bills, make up for lost wages due to missed work-time, or even pay for a vacation to relieve some of the stress from the lawsuit. But big lump-sum payments also raise some potential problems. […] Read more

How Annuities Are Taxed in 2018

Are annuities taxable? The short answer is yes. However, the long answer is much more nuanced as you will discover in the following article covering the taxation of annuities. Taxation of Annuities When you buy an annuity contract, you’re paying the insurance company a large lump-sum payment up front in exchange for the right to […] Read more

SPIA Single Premium Immediate Annuity

Single Premium Immediate Annuity SPIA The need for consistent, reliable income during retirement is nothing new.  In ancient Rome, retired legionaries received lifetime payments as a reward for their service to the state. From the Latin term for the soldiers’ payments, annua, comes the modern word “annuity.”  And, appropriately, annuities are designed to address the […] Read more

Annuities are a contract between an individual (or business) AND an insurance company that is entered into for various purposes which include providing a guaranteed stream of income. There are various types of annuities that are uniquely suited to meet various types of income needs and these will be discussed in this article. However, before […] Read more

Variable Annuities [Top Pros and Cons]

In the world of annuities, there are a few different types of contracts which vary based upon how the cash value is accumulated on a tax deferred basis. On one end of the spectrum is the fixed index annuity which offers a conservative contractual rate of return applied to the account or cash value growth. […] Read more

There are different types of annuities as discussed in our previous article talking about all things annuities. For example there are immediate annuities and deferred annuities. There are fixed interest annuities, indexed annuities and variable annuities. However, the type of annuity is NOT a factor in the world of qualified and non-qualified annuities. Regardless of the […] Read more