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Fixed Index Annuity

What are Fixed Index Annuities and How Do They Work? Fixed indexed annuities, aka equity indexed annuities are a type of fixed annuity, but they have a bit more to offer. For instance, these flexible financial vehicles provide the opportunity for upside market-linked growth, while at the same time keeping principal protected from market downturns […] Read more

The following transcript is taken from the video titled Why Dave Ramsey Doesn’t Understand Fixed Index Annuities. Steve Gibbs: All right, so we wanted to make a reaction video to one of Dave Ramsey’s videos that he talks about fixed index annuities. And just jumping into this, we applaud Dave Ramsey. He has a huge […] Read more

Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) Definition: A FIA is a tax-deferred financial tool that is designed to provide long-term growth and safety. In addition, the FIA is a retirement tool that can provide a guaranteed income for life. There you have it, the basic definition of a Fixed Index Annuity which is a certain type within […] Read more