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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

All of the wealth building and success in the world can be rendered meaningless (at least to you) if your physical health is compromised.

As an example, unless you are basically superhuman, you most likely been sick with a cold or flu at one time or another. When that occurred, you may have noticed everything else was either hindered or put on hold. This same thing happens to a lesser degree every day, especially as we age, when we fail to take care of our physical body.

Emotional health also plays a role because this “centeredness“, or lack thereof, can have a huge impact on our ability to follow through every day in building our life and estate plan. So it is important to get very clear about our emotional well being and whether it is necessary to explore wounds and patterns and pursuit of greater freedom.

Finally, an effective plan with great success, achieved without a spiritual compass, is a losing proposition. Many throughout history have discovered this truth with great despair. Simply put, we are created to aspire for meaning and purpose. This is central to our spiritual life, regardless of your spiritual persuasion and defining it is part of living with awareness and intentionality, creating hope.

A faith untested is no faith at all, which is why suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character produces hope. This is the path of faith, it is an intentional path, requiring discipline in all areas of our life.

You see, a healthy and balanced approach to living, one that includes a physical maintenance plan, attention to emotional issues and a clear spiritual commitment, will contribute to building a lifelong legacy with intentionality.

In order to achieve this, we need to start by building some awareness.

Awareness Building for Life and Estate Planning

At Insurance and Estates, part of what we call “AWARENESS BUILDING” involves taking an inventory of your physical and emotional habits, needs, values and priorities. While we aren’t advocating a particular approach, we encourage clients to explore a path towards balance from the inside out.

What this means is that we encourage you to consider any emotional or physical baggage or preconceptions that may be creating blockages to success.

For some, this may involve seeking healing for past wounds, forgiving others as well as ourselves.

Or, it may involve some soul searching around diet and/or other lifestyle choices.

For others, there may be a disconnect when it comes to purposeful intentional living and some life altering decisions, like departing from a toxic relationship or job, may be in order.

When you do an honest inventory to determine your level of awareness and where you are in the journey for maximum results.

How Health and Wellness Relates to Life and Estate Planning

As we’ve often written about on this site, one of the biggest risks to your life and estate plan is long term medical care costs. We also know that it is critical to maintain your physical health in order to stay productive for as long as possible.

Emotional wellness also becomes a critical factor when pursuing legacy building because difficult questions and relationship assessments often arise. Getting clear about your relationships with loved ones (past and present) is an important step in planning with intentionality.

All of the above is based upon our belief that living an intentional life is largely based upon awareness, leading to better habits and practices.

And lest you think we’re moving outside of the scope of life insurance and estate planning, consider the fact that life insurance companies operate with these very same beliefs.

For example, life insurance ratings and deciding to offer no exam life insurance to individuals are primarily based upon health experiences and lifestyle choices.

It is our belief that part of our critical role in your success is to offer tools to improve these lifestyle habits and practices and instill you with a core purpose that drives you to grow and create .

We instill these values and tools through our mentorship process and other tools such as book reviews, videos and webinars aimed at this important area of discovery.

Wherever you are, we are here to partner with you in a holistic plan, including health and wellness, as part of the entire “whole life” planning process.

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