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Americo vs. American Amicable

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Americo vs. American Amicable

When comparing Americo vs American Amicable, you have two of the top final expense whole life insurance providers.

Both companies offer several different types of burial insurance policies, ranging from level benefit, to modified benefit, to graded benefit plans.

So, at the end of the day, how do you choose between American Amicable vs Americo?

Well, one of the most looked at areas is certainly price.

But it is also important to consider each company’s history and financial ratings when making your final decision.

Now, we can’t tell you which of these companies is the best life insurance company for you without speaking to you about your needs and goals, but we can at least help make your decision easier by providing resources such as the comparison chart below.

Comparing ⟶ Americo American Amicable

Year Founded



Company Structure




$ $ $ $ $ $

Types of Policies:

Term Life

Whole Life

Universal Life

Final Expense


A.M. Best Rating



S&P Rating

Moody's Rating

Fitch Rating

Comdex Rating

BBB Rating

Not Accredited


NAIC complaint Index



IBUSA's Overall Score

Company Review

Americo’s review

Amicable’s review

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